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Investment scams

Metabexop.com has been flagged as an investment scam. At the time this information surfaced, the website had only been online for 83 days. It lacks a customer service phone number, which raises concerns about its legitimacy. The company also lacks reviews on well-known consumer review platforms. Despite promising high returns on initial investments, it actually serves as a cover for fraudsters who vanish after taking the deposited funds. Additionally, the business name it uses isn’t registered in the state where the company supposedly operates.

An investment scam is when someone offers fake opportunities to make a profit, taking your money instead of investing it.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
An investment scam is a deceptive practice designed to swindle unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned money. At the heart of this scheme, a scammer makes false promises of high, quick returns on investments. They prey on potential victims' desires for wealth and financial security. Scammers often present as credible, well-informed investment professionals. They offer sophisticated-sounding opportunities, such as investments in foreign currency, precious metals, real estate or groundbreaking technology. Their intention is to create an illusion of legitimacy and exclusiveness around the investment. Manipulative tactics are common in these scams. Scammers may claim the opportunity is time-sensitive or only available to a select few, pressuring victims to invest without thoroughly researching or seeking independent advice. They often go to great lengths to win the victim's trust, including creating elaborate websites and using professional language. Once the victim invests, the scammer disappears, leaving the victim with significant financial losses. This is typical of an investment scam.


Reports have surfaced concerning Howardequityholdings.org for its alleged involvement in investment fraud. The company lures potential investors with the promise of high returns, only to disappear after the investment is made. This organization lacks a significant social media presence, raising suspicion. Its website, is filled with unfinished pages, pre-loaded content, and placeholder texts. The collaborations […]


Globalcapitalport.com raised a red flag with its crypto scam operations. Scammers promise hefty percentage increases on initial investments, but once the money is deposited, they disappear. The company’s reviews are missing altogether. Globalcapitalport.com’s presence on social media is non-existent. Unfinished pages on the website show default content and placeholder text. The company’s collaborations displayed on […]


Customers have reported Coinmetroinvest.com for operating a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. The website, barely 20 days old when reported, promises substantial returns. Yet, it appears that the scammers disappear once they receive deposits. A noticeable absence is a phone number for customer service. The reviews featured on the website are not genuine, as they are not […]


It has come to light that the website Recryptrade.com is involved in an investment scam. Despite its promise of good profits from investments, it appears that once you invest, the money is taken by the fraudsters who then disappear. Unfortunately, consumer review platforms show no reviews for this company. Also, the business lacks a social […]


Our research has uncovered suspicious activities on the website Mxcltd.com, which purportedly operates as a cryptocurrency exchange. Notably, these red flags were spotted within a relatively short span of 78 days since the website’s launch. While the platform promises substantial returns on investments, it appears that once funds are invested, they are quickly siphoned off […]

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