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At the forefront of fighting scams for 10+ years

At the forefront of fighting scams for 10+ years

ScamGuard is a platform that has been investigating and researching scams since 2012. Its mission is to help consumers by providing them with accurate and up-to-date information about different types of scams and frauds. ScamGuard aims to educate and empower people to avoid falling victim to these schemes, and to help those who have already been scammed to take the necessary steps to report and recover from the fraud.

What we have
accomplished so far

Denied to scams
Reports Proccessed
Annual visitors
Alert Subscribers

This is our general process
from start to finish

Report received
The consumer submits a potential scam report through our website.
We investigate the scam report and cross-reference it with our database to identify the scams.
Alert created
The report gets published in our database and an e-mail alert is created for our subscribers.

What our users say:

True Reviews

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Your messages are very helpful and informative. I hate those calls and as soon as I detect them I simply hang up.. I never give a yes answer because I've read they can use that to process stolen card information. I only wish you and others could stop this. Get rid of the scammers. This is a worldwide problem and it seems to be ever changing and getting worse not better.
Dr Mike
Dr Mike
August 06, 2021

Great Stress Reliever! It’s very comforting to know they are…

It’s very comforting to know they are there checking into things to ensure that we are aware of potential scams and know what to look for so that we do not fall victim to them!
I don’t have the time or know how to look up potential scams and am very appreciative of their updates to keep me alerted as to what they are finding and what I need to be aware of so that I do not become a victim of scams!
Bob Oneida
Bob Oneida
January 16, 2021

I think this is an awesome site

I think this is an awesome site. Keeps us updated. I have had auto warranty scams medical scams IRS scams and social security. With this site's information being sent out your one up on the scams and won't full to the scam. I wish i can shake your teams hand as a well deserve site. I stand behind you and your team. Keep up the great work.
January 24, 2021

Know The Scams Before They Confront You

This is a fantastic way to stay alert to the trending scams!! You know they're out there but you just haven't a clue as to how many or how they are changing. I love getting the emails and being apprised of what's new in the scam world. I have been scammed before and that's why I joined this group. I would recommend it to everyone!!!
Inez Kuz
Inez Kuz
January 12, 2021

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