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Crypto scams

Consumers have raised alarms about Fxretailer.com, accusing it of operating a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. The company lures potential investors with promises of substantial returns. However, once the investment is made, the alleged scammers pocket the money and vanish without a trace. The website was a mere 95 days old when the scam was detected. Furthermore, the company claims to be registered in a certain state, but there’s no record of such registration. Their social media footprint is also negligible, almost as if it doesn’t exist.

A crypto exchange scam involves a fraudulent company that lures individuals to invest in cryptocurrency with the promise of significant returns. However, once the investment is made, the company disappears with the money, leaving the investor with no returns and a significant loss.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
A crypto exchange scam involves fraudulent platforms that trick people into investing money. Scammers often promise high returns and minimal risk, portraying their schemes as an easy way to make money. These platforms typically ask users to deposit money to start trading. After the initial deposit, users are often unable to withdraw their funds. Attempts to communicate with the platform may be met with silence or excuses. Scammers use sophisticated websites and marketing tactics to look legitimate. They may use fake testimonials and celebrity endorsements to convince people of their authenticity. Some even manipulate trading figures to show false profits. It's vital to remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Exitsignwarehouse.shop operates a fraudulent online store. The items advertised on this site are not only false but could also pose a risk due to the poor quality of materials used in their manufacture. The website lacks a customer service phone number, which is a significant red flag. Upon inspection, we found that the materials used […]


Reports have identified Vrggrlshop.com as a fraudulent online shopping platform. Unlike genuine stores, Vrggrlshop.com’s content does not mirror that of other authentic sites, raising suspicions about its credibility. Products available on this site are indeed not genuine, and their substandard production materials could potentially be hazardous. The item images displayed on the site are misleading, […]


Mecubitminerexchange.com, a website promising high returns on investments, has been identified as a fraudulent scheme. Investors are lured with the promise of substantial profits, only to have their money stolen by the scammers who then vanish without a trace. The website is filled with pages that remain empty, containing only generic content and placeholder text. […]


Annualornaments.shop is an online store that has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The products sold on this platform are counterfeit, potentially harmful due to the inferior materials used in their production. When it was discovered, the website was still in its infancy. A glaring omission on the site is the lack of a customer […]


Jmclaughlshop.com is operating a counterfeit store scheme. The content on the website lacks originality, seemingly replicating material from similar sites. Evidence strongly indicates that the site originates from China. The products for sale are misrepresented by the images portrayed on the site. The merchandise featured is deceptive and may pose risks due to the low-grade […]

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