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Crypto scams

The-sbplatform.info has been flagged as a dubious cryptocurrency exchange platform. Despite being a relatively new website, only 55 days old at the time it was identified, it has already raised several red flags. The site entices potential investors with promises of high returns, only to disappear with their funds once they’ve invested. A fake company address is displayed on the website, further adding to its questionable credibility. The website also contains numerous pages still under construction, filled with generic content and placeholder tags. Notably, the company has no presence on any social media platforms, which is unusual in today’s digital age.

A crypto exchange scam involves a fraudulent platform that lures investors with the promise of high returns on their cryptocurrency investments. However, once the investors deposit their funds, the scammers abscond with the money, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Fake address
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No social media
A crypto exchange scam involves a platform falsely claiming to trade cryptocurrencies. These fraudsters create a sleek, professional-looking website, often with a user-friendly interface. Scammers usually promise high returns on investments. They may assure users of a steady profit, or claim that their platform uses advanced technology for guaranteed earnings. The aim is to lure people into depositing their funds. Often, these scams feature compelling testimonials from "satisfied users". Once a user deposits their money, they may see fictitious gains on their profile. But when they try to withdraw their profits, they hit a wall. The scammers might impose unexpected fees or simply ignore withdrawal requests. In some cases, the entire platform disappears overnight. Taking with it, all the deposited funds and leaving users with no recourse to recover their money. This is the harsh reality of a crypto exchange scam.


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