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Crypto scams

Cointradsmine.com, a relatively new website at 124 days old, is at the heart of a cryptocurrency fraud. The site entices potential investors with the allure of substantial profits on their initial capital. However, once the funds are deposited, the fraudsters disappear, taking the money with them. The company name that the website purports to operate under is not officially registered in the state they claim to be based in. Furthermore, the company lacks any presence on social media.

A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme that involves digital currencies. The scammers typically promise high returns on investments to lure in victims. Once the victims deposit their money, the scammers disappear with the funds, leaving the victims with significant losses.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
Crypto scams are a rising trend in the world of digital finance. Scammers use deceptive tactics to trick people into investing their money. Often, they promise high returns with little risk. They say your investment will double or triple in a short time. This is a red flag. Scammers also use social media platforms to reach potential victims. They use fake profiles and endorsements from celebrities or influencers. These profiles look real and trustworthy. Another common tactic is the use of fake websites. Scammers create websites that look like legitimate crypto exchanges or wallet providers. They trick people into depositing their cryptocurrencies into these fake platforms. Then, they disappear with the victims' money. In some cases, scammers use phishing emails or texts. They send messages with links that, when clicked, install malware on the victim's device. This malware can steal personal information and even crypto wallets.


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Rugsplusonline.shop is operating a deceptive business. The merchandise offered on this site is counterfeit, potentially posing risks due to the inferior materials used in their manufacture. The site employs generic images for the products it purports to sell. A glaring omission on the website is a contact number for customer support. It’s clear that the […]


Synapcapital.com, a recently launched website, is involved in an investment scam. The domain name was just 81 days old when this report was filed. The site promises huge returns on investments, but there are reports of scammers disappearing with the deposited money. The business name under which the website claims to operate is not registered […]


Zicronx.com has been identified as a scam targeted at investors. This website entices potential victims with promises of high returns on their investments. However, once one transfers their funds to them, the fraudulent individuals running the site pocket the money and vanish. This nefarious activity was spotted while the website was still in its relative […]


Newbicyclecenter.com, a seemingly legitimate online store, is actually a fraudulent operation. The products it offers may appear enticing, but they are potentially dangerous due to the substandard raw materials used in their production. The website, which has been operational for 93 days at the time of this investigation, appears to be managed from China. The […]

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