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Crypto scams

Orbitnitro.com, a newly launched website of only 78 days, has been flagged for suspicious activity. It’s working as a cryptocurrency exchange, but signs point to it being a scam. They lure potential investors with the promise of hefty profits. But once the investment is made, the money disappears into thin air, with the scammers nowhere to be found. A thorough search of popular social media platforms yielded no results for the company. The business name they purport to operate under isn’t registered in the state they claim as their home base.

A crypto exchange scam involves a deceptive operation promising large profits to potential investors. They claim to function as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, once an individual invests their money, the scammers take it and become untraceable, leaving the investor at a loss.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
Crypto exchange scams are schemes where fraudsters pretend to be legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges. They usually have polished websites and promise high returns or special deals. These scammers often lure victims by promising low fees or free cryptocurrency. Sometimes, they might claim to have unique trading bots that guarantee profits. The goal is to convince you to deposit your cryptocurrency on their platform. Once you've deposited your coins, they suddenly become unresponsive. The customer service goes silent and the platform may not even let you withdraw your funds. Before long, the website disappears entirely, along with your crypto. In some cases, these scams involve 'pump and dump' tactics. They artificially inflate the value of a specific coin, encouraging you to buy it. As soon as you've invested, they sell all their shares, causing the price to plummet and you to lose your investment. Crypto exchange scams exploit the trust of users and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency. It's a type of fraud that's increasing and becoming more sophisticated in the digital age.


Consumers have reported Portfolx.com for engaging in an investment scam. The scammers make enticing promises of rapid money growth, but once you invest, they swiftly abscond with your funds. The images showcased on their website are misleading and fail to accurately depict the actual product being sold. Furthermore, the company’s presence on social media is […]


Olivecashinvestment.com has gained notoriety as a deceptive investment scheme. They promise impressive returns on your money, only to disappear as soon as you’ve parted with your investment. Many pages within the site remain unfinished, littered with default content and reminders to revise. Partnerships touted by the website are nothing more than falsehoods. Even the product […]


Oxeget.com, a fledgling website barely 78 days old, stands accused of running a cryptocurrency exchange scam. Despite its fresh appearance, the site’s content notably mirrors that of similar platforms, diminishing its credibility. The operators lure unsuspecting investors with promises of lucrative returns. However, once the money is invested, they disappear, leaving the investors high and […]


Adelaeliot.top, a relatively new online store, is suspected of running a fake operation. The products it promotes are represented by generic stock images and the content seems to be copied from other similar sites, indicating a lack of authenticity. The website, which has been operating for just 45 days, displays products that are likely to […]


Seavshop.com, an online store, has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The site does not have a contact number for customer service, which is unusual for a legitimate business. The content on the website doesn’t seem original; it appears to be copying from other similar sites. The images displayed on the site, instead of accurately […]

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