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Fake stores

Gallery67.shop has come under scrutiny for allegedly being a sham. The products advertised on the site are not only false but could also pose a risk due to the substandard materials used in their creation. A glaring omission on the website is a contact number for customer service. Furthermore, the company’s absence on social media platforms is a red flag. There is also a lack of feedback about the company on well-known consumer review sites. Several pages on the website are still a work in progress, populated with default text and filler content.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a fictitious online store is set up to lure unsuspecting customers. The products advertised are often non-existent or of poor quality. The scammers typically disappear without delivering the goods once they’ve received payment.

Red Flags

Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceitful tactic used by fraudsters to cheat unsuspecting consumers. It typically involves creating a phony online store that looks legitimate. The scammers populate this store with attractive items, usually at tantalizingly low prices. Scammers often use high-quality product images and detailed descriptions to make their store appear genuine. They lure in customers with steep discounts, exclusive deals, or limited-time offers. Once customers make a purchase, the scammer takes their money but never delivers the product. In some cases, they sell counterfeit items or goods that are far inferior to what was advertised. Sometimes, the scammers use the fake store to gather personal and credit card information for further fraudulent activity. Buyers are often drawn in by the strong online presence of these stores. Many have professional-looking websites, active social media accounts and even fake customer reviews. This can make it challenging for customers to spot these fake stores and avoid falling victim to the scam.


Jtinvest.ltd, a foreign-owned company, is currently under fire from consumers for allegations of an investment scam. The website, barely a month old, is riddled with fictitious reviews and a fictitious business address. A quick perusal of the website reveals several incomplete pages, filled with default content and placeholder text, lending to the overall lack of […]


Shoprugandhome.shop has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The products advertised on this platform are not genuine, but rather, they are imitation goods made from substandard materials that could potentially be hazardous. The content on the website doesn’t appear to be original. Instead, it seems to be copied from other similar websites. The products […]


Customers have flagged Globalwealthshield.com for operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investments. However, once you invest, the fraudsters pocket the money and vanish. The contact numbers provided on the site seem to be out of service. Several pages on the site are still being developed, filled with generic content and […]


Prestigefor.com is involved in a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investment, but once you’ve invested, they disappear with your funds. The website is littered with pages still in their developmental stage, filled with generic content and placeholder tags. Despite a thorough search, not a single review for the company could be […]


Reports have surfaced that Amarylliscrystalportal.shop is a fraudulent online store. The content on the website is not unique, and the items up for sale are not authentic. These items could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used during their manufacture. The images displayed on the site are not real. Unfortunately, the site lacks […]

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