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Crypto scams

Globalflextyips.com is operating a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. They lure investors with the promise of substantial returns, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. A customer service phone number is conspicuously absent from their website. The business name they operate under is not officially registered with the state’s secretary, raising more red flags. A deep dive into their website reveals numerous incomplete pages, filled with generic content and placeholder text. Furthermore, the company’s presence on social media platforms is practically invisible.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a company or individual claims to operate a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. They often lure potential investors with promises of significant profits. However, once the investment is made, the scammers disappear with the funds, leaving the investors with no way to recover their money.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No social media
Crypto exchange scams involve fraudulent platforms promising high returns on investments. Scammers may use sophisticated websites appearing legitimate. These sites often feature impressive testimonials, promising quick wealth accumulation through crypto investments. Scammers lure victims by offering exclusive trading opportunities. They promise secure transactions, advanced technology or insider information to make the scheme more appealing. These scams can employ tactics such as initial small returns to build the illusion of a profitable investment, fostering trust. In reality, these are Ponzi schemes. The scammer uses money from new investors to pay off the older ones. Once they have accumulated enough funds, scammers close down the platform, and make off with the money. The key sign of a crypto exchange scam is the guarantee of high returns with no risk. Cryptocurrency investments are inherently risky and volatile. Any platform claiming otherwise is likely deceptive.


Provaeto.net stands accused of orchestrating a crypto exchange scam. This alarming revelation surfaced when the dubious site was merely 25 days into its existence. Enticing potential investors with tantalizingly high returns, the crooks behind the scam disappear once they have your money. Sadly, there is no customer service number to call for resolution. Fake reviews, […]


Tradestationplus.com has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. The site promises hefty returns on investments, but in reality, the operators abscond with the funds once they’re deposited. Several pages on the website are still in the development phase, filled with generic content and placeholder tags. The company’s touted online partnerships are not authentic. When […]


On February 15, 2023, Newboatpartes.com was identified as a fraudulent online store. The website asserts that it has been operating online since 2020, but the registration date is recorded as September 19, 2022. The site’s ownership is concealed through a third-party privacy service. Additionally, there is no business registered under the name Newboatparties.com in the […]


Screenerfx.com is operating a deceptive investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investment, but once you put your money in, the fraudsters disappear with your cash. We observed several pages on the site that are still under construction, filled with placeholder content and empty spaces. The website is relatively new, being only 100 days […]


Justfullsend.com operates under the guise of a legitimate store, pulling in unsuspecting buyers with its flashy images and enticing, yet deceitful range of items. However, with a brief life span of just 50 days, the site has raised red flags. The pictures that adorn the site, meant to lure customers in, are fabricated. The content, […]

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