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Fake stores

Eminenttool.com, a website that has only been active for 52 days, is operating an elaborate scam posing as a legitimate online store. Despite claiming to be based in a particular state, there’s no legal record of the business in that location. Furthermore, the authenticity of the products listed on the site is questionable, with the potential of endangering consumers due to the use of substandard materials in their manufacture. Evidence suggests that the website is managed from China. Moreover, an abundance of incomplete web pages riddled with default content and placeholder text are a common sight across the website.

A fake store scam refers to a situation where an online site poses as a legitimate business to deceive unsuspecting customers. The site typically lists counterfeit or nonexistent products to lure in buyers, often using subpar materials that could potentially harm users. These sites often have indicators of fraud, such as incomplete pages filled with placeholder text, or claims of a business location without any legal establishment.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
A fake store scam is a deceitful tactic employed by fraudsters. They set up a fake online store, often with attractive prices to lure in unsuspecting customers. These stores often appear legitimate, complete with product images, descriptions, and customer reviews. Scammers behind these fraudulent stores often promise high-quality goods at unbeatable prices. They may also offer limited time deals or flash sales to create a sense of urgency. This is to trick customers into making quick, uninformed decisions. Once a purchase is made, the scammer either sends a counterfeit product or nothing at all. They may even use the customer's payment information for further fraudulent activities. It's a manipulative practice that preys on the trust of online shoppers.


Nashaye.com, a recently established website, is under suspicion for perpetrating a fraudulent store scam. The domain was registered a mere 68 days ago at the time of this investigation. The authenticity of the site’s content raises questions, as it seems to be a carbon copy of several similar websites. The site does not provide a […]


People have flagged Find-camping.com for operating a deceptive retail scam. The business address listed on the website doesn’t exist in reality. Indications point to the website being run out of China. When the website was discovered, it was barely three months old. The products featured on this platform are fake, potentially hazardous due to the […]


Jacksonkather.com is under scrutiny for committing fraud by operating as a phony online store. The products advertised on this platform are identified as knock-offs, which could be potentially hazardous due to the substandard quality of materials used in their production. As of the time this report was drafted, the website had been in existence for […]


Our investigation has revealed that Haworthguitars.shop is not a legitimate online store. The images displayed on the site are not authentic, and the wide range of products offered are of questionable quality, potentially posing a risk due to the poor materials used in their creation. This company’s presence on social media platforms is non-existent. Furthermore, […]


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