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Fake stores

Entrustfashion.com, a relatively new website at only 55 days old, has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The products sold on this platform are counterfeit, potentially harmful because of the substandard materials used in their production. It appears that the base of operations is located in China. A close look at the content of this website reveals a lack of uniqueness, hinting at possibly being copied from similar websites.

A fake store scam is a form of online fraud where a website purports to sell products but either delivers counterfeit goods or nothing at all. These scams often involve the use of knock-off products made from low-quality materials, which can potentially be harmful. The websites might appear legitimate, often copying content from authentic websites to deceive unsuspecting customers.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceptive scheme. Scammers create a counterfeit online shop. They mimic reputable brands. They advertise attractive deals. The prices are often too good to be true. The scammers' goal is to trick consumers. They want to collect personal information. Credit card details are a top target. Scammers use sophisticated techniques. They design professional-looking websites. They use fake reviews and testimonials. These tactics convince buyers of the store's legitimacy. In some cases, scammers deliver inferior products. In other cases, they deliver nothing at all. The customer is left with a loss. The scammer disappears, often setting up a new fake store.


Customers have flagged Shopsmartyhadaparty.shop as a fraudulent online store. The website was just a month old when the complaints began to surface. There’s no customer service number listed, raising suspicions. The site seems to be mirroring other similar websites, copying their content. The products on offer seem enticing, but the low-grade raw materials used to […]


Hogarmarca.com, a recently launched website, is under scrutiny for running a fake store scam. Researchers spotted these fraudulent activities when the site was merely 91 days old. Evidence suggests that the site’s administration is likely based in China. A closer look at the website’s content revealed it to be unoriginal, imitating other similar sites. Moreover, […]


Customers have reported Feqa.shop for conducting a false store scheme. When discovered, the website was less than a month old. There’s no customer service number displayed on the site, and the content lacks originality. It seems to replicate material from other similar sites verbatim. The products shown in this online store are fakes, which could […]


Royscapital.com, a website purporting to offer lucrative investment returns, has been flagged as a fraudulent operation. The scheme functions by enticing potential investors with the promise of high yields. However, once the investment is made, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. The site is riddled with unfinished pages filled with generic text and filler language, […]


Lightsbestsellers.com, a newcomer in the online marketplace, is unfortunately involved in dubious activities, posing as a legitimate store. It was only 92 days old when we discovered its suspicious operations. The products they offer are imitation goods, which might be harmful because of the substandard materials used in their production. A deep dive into the […]

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