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Fake stores

The website Beyondstores.shop is engaging in fraudulent activities. It’s offering counterfeit products that could potentially be hazardous due to the substandard materials used in their creation. The images displayed on the site fail to accurately represent the items they’re selling. This website is a recent creation, with the domain name still fresh. At the time of this investigation, the domain name was only just registered. The site lacks a customer service phone number. There’s a noticeable absence of reviews for the company on well-known consumer review platforms. Furthermore, the company has no significant presence on social media platforms.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent website that pretends to sell legitimate products. However, the items are often counterfeit or of poor quality. These scams can be difficult to spot as they often use professional-looking websites and images stolen from genuine online retailers.

Red Flags

Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No contact page
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a type of fraud that has gained popularity in the digital era. Scammers create phony websites or social media profiles, presenting themselves as legitimate retailers. They showcase attractive products at unbelievable prices to lure unsuspecting customers. These fake virtual stores are often sophisticated, mimicking genuine businesses. The scammers use high-quality images, creating an illusion of a professional operation. They promise high-end goods, discounts, or limited-time offers to entice potential victims. The plot thickens when the scammer asks for payment. They insist on methods that lack protection for the buyer, such as wire transfers, prepaid cards, or even cryptocurrencies. And once the payment is made, the 'store' disappears, or the product never arrives. The victim is left without their money and the promised product, falling prey to the scammer's tactics.


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