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Fake stores

Customers have raised complaints about Shopglitz1.shop, alleging that it’s a fraudulent online store. The website is known to use stock images for the products it offers for sale. The items provided on this platform are counterfeit, and their low-quality components could pose potential risks. The content of this site lacks originality. When discovered, the website had only been in operation for 110 days. There’s no customer service number provided on the site. The website contains several incomplete pages filled with generic content and placeholder text. The company has no presence on any social media platforms.

A fake store scam is a deceptive practice where a fraudulent online store lures customers with the promise of selling goods. However, the store either doesn’t deliver the promised goods or delivers counterfeit or substandard products. This type of scam often involves the use of stock images and generic content, and the store may lack a customer service number or social media presence.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No contact page
No phone numbers
No refund policy
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is an online scheme where fraudsters create faux e-commerce websites. They promise high-demand products at unbelievable prices. Scammers attract victims with flashy sales, exclusive deals, or limited-time offers. These scams are often sophisticated, featuring professional-looking websites and product images. They may also develop fake customer reviews and ratings to appear legitimate. Behind this facade, fake store scams operate by collecting payment for products that they never deliver. Scammers will take the money and disappear. Their websites will be taken down, and the contact information given will lead nowhere. Many of these scams occur on social media platforms or through unsolicited emails. They use persuasive language and pressure tactics to rush people into making hasty purchases. The end result is always the same: the buyer loses money, and the scammer vanishes without trace.


Crystalinvestltd.com has come under scrutiny for functioning as a crypto exchange scam. The website, merely 27 days old at the time of investigation, promises exorbitant returns on investments. However, the reality is quite different. After depositing funds, investors find their money siphoned off by scammers who then vanish into thin air. A conspicuous absence of […]


Fxtmonline.live faces accusations of being an investment fraud. The site promises huge percentage profits on initial investments, but it’s a cover for tricksters who abscond with the deposited funds. The company’s social media accounts show no followers. Many pages on the site remain unfinished, filled with generic text and placeholder words. Showcased partnerships on the […]


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An investigation has determined that Buyacmetools.com is a fraudulent online store that has been operating since February 22, 2023. The purported business address, 711 Zimmerman Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA, is a shared location amongst numerous other scam online stores. The website’s ownership is deliberately obscured through the use of a third-party privacy service. […]


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