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Phishing Scam

On March 1, 2023, a user reported that Verifywithsafety.com has been categorized as a phishing website. The website’s ownership is concealed through the use of a third-party privacy service. According to the website’s self-description, it is a “Marketing Aggregator Site” that employs various techniques to generate sales through its affiliates. However, the website’s services are predominantly utilized by dating scammers and counterfeit spa services, who deceive unsuspecting consumers into signing up for adult website memberships under the guise of age verification. In reality, these consumers are enrolled in a range of adult website memberships that are difficult, if not impossible, to cancel or obtain refunds.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name
Fake promises
Placeholder content

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No phone numbers
No privacy policy
No refund policy
No reviews
No social media
The employment of unethical or fraudulent practices by fake dating or spa websites to acquire sign-ups and generate revenue is an issue that adversely affects unsuspecting consumers. These websites resort to misleading or deceptive tactics to ensnare users into paying for subscriptions or services. Some websites even engage in illegal activities like spamming, phishing, or identity theft. Tracking or shutting down such websites is often a challenge as they operate under pseudonyms or through anonymous servers. To steer clear of such predicaments, consumers must exercise caution while interacting with unfamiliar websites. They should carefully review the terms and conditions before sharing any personal or financial information. Moreover, reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activity to the relevant authorities or consumer protection agencies is imperative.


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