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Fake stores

On February 28, 2023, a user on Scamguard reported Unigreatings.com as being part of the online scam category. Despite the business’s claim of being situated at 311 Civic Ave, Salisbury, MD 21804, no evidence can be found of its existence at that location. Additionally, the phone number listed on the website, (833) 894-5533, is no longer in service. Notably, the website has only been registered for 120 days as of the complaint, with a registration date of October 30, 2022.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake reviews
New website
Phone disconnected
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No reviews
No social media
Fake online stores from China are a significant concern as they often sell counterfeit or fake items that may be dangerously made. These stores may use deceptive marketing techniques to lure unsuspecting customers into making purchases. They may offer products at extremely low prices, claiming to offer high-quality items, but in reality, the products may be of poor quality, counterfeit, or even dangerous. Some common products sold by fake online stores from China include electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and toys. These products may contain harmful materials, be poorly manufactured, or not meet safety standards, putting consumers at risk of injury or illness. In some cases, the products may not work at all, leading to frustration and financial loss for consumers. To avoid falling victim to fake online stores, it's important to do your research before making any purchases. Look for reviews from other customers, check the store's location and contact information, and verify that the store is legitimate. Additionally, be wary of any stores that offer products at prices that seem too good to be true, as they may be using deceptive tactics to scam unsuspecting customers.


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Consumers have raised concerns about Multiglobaldivefinx.com, alleging it to be an investment scam. They lure you with promises of significant returns on your investment. However, once you invest, they disappear with your money. The company lacks reviews on well-known consumer review platforms. It’s also noticeable that the company is absent on social media. A number […]


Retrostageus.shop, a recently established website, has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. Only 32 days old at the time of this report, the website lacks a customer service contact number, raising suspicions. Its content, far from original, is a mere imitation of other similar sites. Moreover, the goods being marketed on the website are […]


Rleathers.com is a website that has been identified as a fraudulent online store. Despite its presence on the internet, there are no reviews for the company on any of the major consumer review platforms. A deep dive into the site reveals many incomplete pages, filled with default content and placeholder text. Furthermore, the website has […]


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