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Investment scams

Ufinacapital.pro is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns, yet it’s been reported that the fraudsters disappear with the investors’ money. Interestingly, there’s no customer service number available for inquiries or complaints. The images displayed on their website don’t accurately represent the product they’re selling. Moreover, the website doesn’t seem to have any social media presence or followers.

An investment scam is a deceptive practice where fraudsters trick individuals into investing money with the promise of high returns. However, instead of investing the money as promised, the scammers pocket the funds and disappear, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Default content
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Fake promises

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
An investment scam is a deceptive practice aimed at persuading investors to part with their money. The scam could be in the form of fake investment opportunities. Scammers usually guarantee huge profits and minimal risks. They use convincing tactics to appear genuine and professional Scammers often promise high returns, quick profits, and exclusive opportunities. They might also use high-pressure sales techniques, insisting that you must act quickly to secure the investment. They might even show you fraudulent documents that appear to validate the investment. These scams often involve complex strategies and financial products. However, the details are usually vague or not disclosed. The scammers make it seem like you will miss out if you don't invest immediately. This is a red flag and a common characteristic of investment scams.


Customers have raised concerns about Promousoutdoor.com, alleging it’s a fraudulent online store. The products on offer are reportedly counterfeits, potentially posing risks due to the low-quality materials used in their manufacture. The website employs generic stock images to represent its products, casting doubt on its authenticity. It’s worth noting that the content on this site […]


Monicaandandyus.shop got exposed for operating a fake store scam, just 32 days after its inception. The website lacks a customer service phone number, raising suspicions. Content on this site has been lifted from other similar websites, casting doubt on its originality. They use stock images to represent their products, instead of actual photographs. Unfinished pages […]


Consumers have flagged Coinbrokage.com as running an investment scam. No reviews about the company are available anywhere. Coinbrokage.com is not present on any social media platform. Its website is full of pages still under development, filled with default content and placeholder tags. The partnerships that the company claims to have on its website turned out […]


E-mosaik.shop operates a deceptive business model, selling counterfeit goods that could potentially be harmful due to the subpar materials used in their production. The website lacks a customer service phone number, making it difficult for customers to seek assistance or lodge complaints. The product images displayed on the site are misleading, not accurately reflecting the […]


Our investigation reveals that Plant-outlet.com is not a genuine store, but a scam. The content on the website lacks uniqueness, hinting at possible duplication from similar sites. The products advertised on this site are not only false but could also pose a risk due to the use of substandard materials in their making. The images […]

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