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Crypto scams

Travaxbt.com, a newly established website, is orchestrating a deceptive cryptocurrency exchange scheme. The website, which is just 84 days old at the time of this report, promises significant returns on investments. However, once the investment is made, the perpetrators abscond with the funds. The website flaunts partnerships that, upon closer inspection, prove to be fraudulent. Furthermore, the reviews found on the site are fabricated and not representative of genuine customer experiences. The website operates under a business name that has not been officially registered with the state’s secretary.

A crypto exchange scam involves a fraudulent website or platform that lures investors with promises of high returns on cryptocurrency investments. Once the investment is made, the scammers abscond with the funds, leaving the investor at a loss. These scams often involve fake reviews and illegitimate partnerships to appear credible.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake partnerships
Fake reviews
Recently registered
Crypto exchange scams are deceitful schemes. They trick people into investing in fake cryptocurrencies. Fraudsters often set up sham websites or apps. They mimic those of legitimate crypto exchanges. Common promises include high returns and zero risk. The scammer might also promise that you'll make money quickly. These promises are ploys to lure unsuspecting victims. Scammers employ various tactics. They may use technical jargon to confuse potential investors. Often, once an investment is made, it becomes impossible to withdraw the funds. Another characteristic is the pressure to act quickly. Scammers create a sense of urgency. This is to prevent potential investors from doing thorough research. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Sensoryedge.shop is operating a deceptive business model. The images displayed on their site fail to accurately represent the products they’re selling. When this information was gathered, the website had been active for 99 days. There’s no contact number available for customer support on the site. The originality of this website is questionable, as it bears […]


Lpmining.buzz is operating a sophisticated financial swindle. They entice individuals with the prospect of substantial returns on investments. However, once the money is invested, the fraudsters disappear with your funds. The website contains several unfinished pages marked by generic content and filler text, indicating it’s still under construction. The partnerships advertised on their platform are […]


It has come to our attention that Assestsgeniushub.com is not a legitimate investment platform. They lure you in with promises of substantial returns on your investments, but once you hand over your money, they vanish without a trace. The content on their website is far from unique, with striking similarities to other websites of the […]


Consumers have flagged Elitewhitesavings.com for operating an investment fraud. Discovery of the scam happened when the website was barely 26 days old. They promise high returns on your investment. But once you invest, the fraudsters disappear with your money. There’s no customer service phone number listed on the site. The reviews showcased on their website […]


Our investigation reveals that Tractfolio.net is a fraudulent operation, posing as an investment platform. They entice you with promises of high returns on your investments, only to disappear with your money once you’ve invested. It’s a classic case of bait and switch. In our digital age, a company’s social media presence is often indicative of […]

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