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Investment scams

Beware of Tphit.co, they’re operating an unscrupulous investment scheme. They lure you with the promise of substantial returns on your investments, but once you part with your money, it vanishes into thin air. Their alleged affiliations, as advertised on their site, are nothing more than lies. Upon closer examination of their website, numerous pages are still under construction, filled to the brim with generic content and placeholders. An official business name is nowhere to be found. Additionally, their presence on social media platforms is virtually non-existent. Strangely enough, there’s a complete absence of customer reviews on well-known review platforms.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where perpetrators promise high returns on your investments. They often use deceptive tactics to trick you into investing your money, only to disappear without a trace once they’ve received it.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Default content
Fake address
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Fake promises
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No reviews
No social media
An investment scam is a deceptive operation. Scammers lure unsuspecting individuals with promises of high returns or quick profits. There is usually a business or investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Typically, scammers create a sense of urgency. They pressure victims to invest quickly to avoid missing out. Phoney testimonials from 'successful investors' may be used to add credibility to their schemes. Often, these scams are presented as exclusive opportunities. Scammers may claim that the information is only available to a select few. A hallmark of an investment scam is the promise of guaranteed returns, a claim no legitimate investment can make, In a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, a classic example of an investment scam, money from new investors is used to pay existing investors. This gives the illusion of a profitable investment, but collapses when there are no more new investors.


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Walmartmining.com stands accused of executing a fraudulent investment scheme. Promising significant profits from investments, the scammers vanish once they secure your money. The company lacks a significant presence on social media. The website is awash with incomplete pages, teeming with default content and placeholder text. False partnerships are claimed by the website. Images utilized on […]


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