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Crypto scams

Stocksglobalfx.net, a recently launched website, has been identified as a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. Despite its young age of 85 days at the time of this report, it has already been flagged for suspicious activity. The site promises high returns on investments, however, once the investment is made, the money is taken by the scammers who then vanish without a trace. Furthermore, the business is not legally registered in the state it purports to operate from, adding to its dubious nature. Alarming is the absence of a customer service phone number on the website, leaving investors with no means of contact or support.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website poses as a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. They lure investors with promises of high returns, but once the investment is made, the scammers take the money and disappear. The business is often not legally registered and lacks proper customer support.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme involving cryptocurrencies. Scammers, posing as legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges, trick people into investing their money with promises of high returns. They use sophisticated websites and online ads to create an illusion of authenticity. A common tactic is the "pump and dump". Scammers artificially inflate the price of a low-value cryptocurrency to attract investors. Once the price skyrockets, they sell off their own holdings, causing the price to plummet and leaving investors with worthless coins. Another prevalent method is phishing. Scammers fool people into revealing their login details on fake crypto exchange websites. Once they get access, scammers steal the victim's cryptocurrencies. The promised high return is a red flag of a crypto exchange scam. Cryptocurrency investments carry risks, and no return can be guaranteed. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Vestorfunds.com has been identified as operating an investment scam. The website is relatively new, being only 40 days old. It has been found to contain duplicate content, which has been copied from another similar website. The images displayed on the site do not accurately represent the actual product being offered. Additionally, there are several unfinished […]


Nearlynewlywed.shop has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The goods offered on this site are not original, but rather copies, which could potentially be hazardous due to the substandard materials used in their manufacture. The absence of any social media presence raises further suspicions about the legitimacy of this site. Numerous incomplete pages filled […]


Reports have surfaced regarding Peoploprotrades.com, indicating it as an investment scam. The site promises substantial profits from your investments. However, once you invest, the money disappears into the hands of the scammers who then become untraceable. It’s also worth noting that there are no reviews of the company available. An absence of the company’s presence […]


Livestelyshop.com has come under scrutiny for operating a fraudulent online store. It lacks a customer support phone number, raising red flags about its legitimacy. The website’s content has been found to be plagiarized, mirroring other similar websites in a clear act of imitation. The images showcased on the site are not authentic, further questioning its […]


Orbitnitro.com, a newly launched website of only 78 days, has been flagged for suspicious activity. It’s working as a cryptocurrency exchange, but signs point to it being a scam. They lure potential investors with the promise of hefty profits. But once the investment is made, the money disappears into thin air, with the scammers nowhere […]

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