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Crypto scams

Simplefxtradingcrypto.com, a website that was only 84 days old, was found to be involved in a crypto exchange scam. The scheme involved promising high returns on investments, only to disappear once the investment was made. The website purported to operate under a business name that was not officially registered with the state’s secretary. Additionally, the website lacked any social media presence, which is unusual for a legitimate business. Furthermore, there was no customer service contact number available, raising further suspicions about the legitimacy of the operation.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website or platform promises high returns on cryptocurrency investments. However, once the investment is made, the scammers disappear with the investor’s money. These scams often operate under unregistered business names and lack any legitimate contact information or social media presence.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No social media
A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where scammers trick people into investing in cryptocurrencies. They use various tactics to lure victims. These can include promising high returns, creating fake websites, or using social media to spread false information. Often, these scams involve a person or group pretending to be a legitimate crypto exchange. They may use a website that looks professional and trustworthy. But, once you deposit your money or crypto, they disappear without a trace. Another common scam is the "pump and dump." Here, scammers hype up a certain cryptocurrency to inflate its price. Once the price is high enough, they sell their holdings, causing the price to crash and leaving investors with worthless coins. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always do your research before investing in cryptocurrencies and use reputable exchanges.


Citymattressus.shop is under scrutiny, suspected of running a counterfeit online store scam. The website was set up recently, with its domain name a mere 27 days old at the time of this analysis. Strangely, the website doesn’t have a contact number for customer service. It features content that appears to be copied from similar websites. […]


Shopofficedesk.shop is currently under scrutiny for operating a fraudulent online store. The company’s social media accounts have no followers, raising red flags about its legitimacy. A large number of web pages on the site are still under construction, populated with default content and placeholder text, which further raises concerns about its credibility. The products offered […]


Consumers have raised concerns about Century-ae.ltd, accusing it of operating an investment scam. A thorough examination of their website revealed multiple incomplete pages, populated with default content and filler text. The partnerships that the company claims to have on its website are not genuine. The scam came to light when the website was a mere […]


Reports have come in about Hikingmuch.com, indicating that it’s a scam site. The website was registered not long ago, with the domain name only being 92 days old at the time of the report. It’s suspected that the goods sold on the site are not authentic and could even be dangerous due to the substandard […]


Mykentonstrade.com, a website that has recently surfaced, is involved in fraudulent activities. With promises of high returns, they lure people to invest money, only to vanish once the transactions are made. Although the website has no reviews outside of its own pages, it is alarming that it has no following on any social media channels. […]

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