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Fake stores

Shopschoolhouse.shop, a relatively new online store, has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The website, which is only 110 days old, is filled with default content and placeholder tags, indicating that it is still in the development stage. Despite its online presence, the company has no significant social media footprint. Furthermore, it lacks any form of customer reviews on well-known consumer review platforms. A glaring omission on the website is the absence of a customer support phone number. The products advertised on the website are not only false, but they could also pose a risk due to the use of substandard materials in their manufacture. To further deceive potential customers, the website utilizes stock images for the products it purports to sell.

A fake store scam is a deceptive practice where a fraudulent online store is created to trick customers into buying non-existent products. These scams often involve the use of fake product images and descriptions, and the customers never receive the products they paid for.

Red Flags

Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
Fake store scams are prevalent in the digital age. Scammers design websites that look convincing, often mimicking well-known brands or offering products at incredibly low prices. These fraudulent stores tend to promise high quality goods, fast shipping or limited time offers to lure customers. The scammer may use tactics such as countdown timers or low stock alerts to create a sense of urgency. Once the purchase is made, the customer either receives nothing at all, or they receive a product that is vastly inferior to what was advertised. The goal of these scams is to steal your money and possibly your personal and credit card information. Remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Always investigate the legitimacy of an online retailer before making a purchase.


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