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Fake stores

Shopmyroyalcloset.shop has been flagged as a fraudulent online store. This website, which is relatively new with a domain age of just 109 days, lacks a customer support phone number, raising suspicions. Upon analyzing the website’s data, it becomes clear that much of its content is duplicated from other similar sites, indicating a lack of originality. The products offered on this website are counterfeit and potentially harmful due to the substandard materials used in their production. The images displayed on the site are not genuine, further adding to the deceit. Additionally, the company’s social media accounts have no followers, which is unusual for a legitimate business.

A fake store scam is an online scheme where a website poses as a legitimate store, offering products for sale. However, these products are often counterfeit or don’t exist at all. The scammer’s goal is to trick customers into making purchases, after which they either deliver inferior or fake products, or nothing at all.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam involves setting up a counterfeit online shop. These may appear legitimate, featuring high-quality images and detailed product descriptions. Big discounts and deals too good to be true, are their bait. The goal of these fraudsters is to lure unsuspecting shoppers into purchasing non-existent products. They use clever tactics, such as displaying fake customer reviews and having secure payment logos. Once an order is placed, the scammer either does not deliver the promised goods or sends counterfeit ones. In most cases, they disappear, leaving the buyer without their money and the product. They may also use the personal and financial information provided at checkout for identity theft.


Tradeoptionmining.com, a relatively new website, was flagged as a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its age at the time of discovery was a mere 28 days. The platform lures potential investors with the promise of significant percentage returns on initial investments. However, once the money is deposited, the tricksters abscond with the funds. The testimonials displayed […]


Homegoods-plush.com has been flagged as a sham online store. Its social media presence is virtually nonexistent, with no followers on any platform. Major review websites have no records of any reviews for this company. The website registration is recent, only 59 days old at the time of this report. In addition, the website lacks a […]


On February 20, 2023, a user on ScamGuard reported Ahoradot.com as a fake online store. Ahoradot.com is a newly registered domain name that was created on January 30, 2023, and was only 20 days old at the time of the complaint. Despite claiming to offer discounted gaming consoles and accessories, evidence suggests that Ahoradot.com is […]


Obermski.com, a website suspected to be based in China, has been identified as a fraudulent online store. Despite being a relatively new site, only 93 days old at the time of discovery, it has already raised numerous red flags. The images used on the site do not accurately represent the products being sold, suggesting a […]


The website, Cullenasset.net, is involved in fraudulent activities. There’s a notable absence of a customer service phone number on their website, which is unusual for any genuine business operation. Additionally, when trying to locate the business using the address provided on their website, it appears to be non-existent. They entice you with promises of high […]

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