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Fake stores

Shophouseboatkings.shop is operating a deceptive online shop. The products they advertise are represented by generic stock images, which raises suspicion about their authenticity. The items they sell are not genuine and may pose risks due to the inferior materials used in their manufacture. The website’s content lacks originality and uniqueness, further undermining its credibility. A noticeable absence of a customer service contact number on the site is another red flag. In addition, the website contains several incomplete pages filled with standard content and filler text. The company’s social media presence is virtually nonexistent, with no followers to speak of.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent online shop that deceives customers into purchasing non-genuine products. These scams often use stock images to represent their products and lack unique content. They may also lack customer service contact information and have incomplete website pages. Their social media presence is usually minimal or non-existent.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No contact page
No phone numbers
No social media
Fake store scams are prevalent online. Scammers create phony websites or social media profiles. They imitate popular brands, showcasing incredible deals to lure in unsuspecting victims. Potential buyers are promised high quality items at a fraction of the usual cost. These promises can range from designer clothing to the latest electronic devices. The products displayed are often accompanied by professional photos, detailed descriptions, and positive reviews. All these elements craft an illusion of legitimacy. However, after the transaction, the promised product never arrives. Alternatively, a vastly inferior product might be delivered. The victims soon realize that they've been duped. But by then, it's often too late to recover their money. The fake store disappears as quickly as it appeared leaving behind a trail of disgruntled consumers.


Our team has found that Alignwealthpro.com is functioning as a fraudulent investment scheme. Barely two months after its inception, red flags have emerged, indicating suspicious activities. The site promises massive returns on investments, but those who invest are often left high and dry as the swindlers abscond with the funds. Furthermore, the business name they […]


Consumers have flagged Duskosmetik.com for operating a scam under the guise of an online store. The scam was unearthed when the website had only been in operation for 52 days. A glaring red flag was the absence of a customer service phone number on the website. Furthermore, the content appeared to be copied from other […]


Suhaibllc.com is under suspicion for operating a fraudulent online store. The merchandise offered on this platform is not genuine and could potentially pose risks due to the inferior materials used in their manufacturing. It seems that the content on this website is not original, but rather duplicated from other sources. A notable absence on the […]


Lyme-prime.com has been spotted engaging in a fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency. They lure you with promises of huge returns from your investment, but once you’ve put your money, the fraudsters disappear. None of the major review platforms contain any feedback about them. Their presence on social media platforms is non-existent. The website itself is filled […]


Songcamxuc.com is operating a fraudulent online store. The website’s registration is recent, only 56 days old at the time of this report. A glaring omission is the absence of a customer service phone number on the website. The site’s content appears to be copied from other similar websites, casting doubt on its originality. The products […]

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