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Fake stores

Customers have flagged Shopfroy.shop as a dubious online marketplace, alleging it to be a fraudulent store scam. The goods offered on this platform are not genuine, and their poor quality, resulting from substandard materials, could pose potential risks. The website does not provide a contact number for customer service, making it difficult for consumers to seek assistance or raise concerns. Furthermore, the images showcased on the site do not truthfully represent the items up for sale. The website also contains several incomplete pages filled with generic content and placeholder text, indicating a lack of professionalism. The company’s presence on social media platforms is practically non-existent, further raising suspicions about its legitimacy. Reviews about the website are conspicuously absent outside of their own pages, making it challenging for potential customers to make informed decisions.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent online marketplace that lures customers with attractive deals on counterfeit products. These scams often lack customer service, have incomplete website pages, and minimal social media presence. They also lack independent reviews, making it difficult for potential customers to verify their legitimacy.

Red Flags

Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam occurs when a scammer creates an online shop pretending to sell items at incredibly low prices. These can appear genuine, copying the look and feel of real retailers. Scammers lure customers with attractive deals and discounts on popular items, like electronics, fashion items, or toys. Once an order is placed and payment made, the scammer either sends nothing or provides a cheap, inferior substitute. The scammer then disappears, leaving the buyer out of pocket. Many times, these websites don't offer secure payment options. Furthermore, scammers sometimes use these sites to steal personal information for identity theft. Scammers are adept at creating legitimate-looking websites with well-crafted descriptions and high-quality images. They often use fake reviews to boost credibility. Sometimes, they fabricate entire social media profiles and post fake positive feedback, making it harder for customers to spot the fraud.


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