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Fake stores

Our investigation reveals that Shopbetel.shop is a fraudulent online store. The discovery was made when the website was just 110 days into operation. A thorough examination of the website’s data shows repeated content from other similar sites, indicating a lack of creativity. The products sold on this online store are counterfeit, and their low-quality components could be potentially harmful. There is no customer service phone number provided on the site. Several pages on the website are still under construction, filled with placeholder content. The company has no presence on any social media platform. Furthermore, the company lacks any form of representation in the form of reviews on well-known consumer review websites.

A fake store scam is an online scheme where a fraudulent website poses as a legitimate online store. These sites often sell counterfeit goods or take money from consumers without delivering any products. They typically lack customer service contact information and have no presence on social media platforms. They may also have no reviews on consumer review websites, and their website content may be copied from other sites.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a deceptive operation where fraudsters create a fictitious online store. This store often showcases high-demand products, offered at incredibly low prices. The aim is to lure unsuspecting customers into making a purchase. The scammers carefully design the website to appear genuine. They use professional-looking graphics, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews. The intention is to make the site look as authentic as possible. They usually accept payment only through methods that make it difficult to trace or recover funds. Once the payment is made, they do not deliver the purchased items. In most cases, the scammers will shut down the site after collecting a substantial amount of money, only to open a new one under a different name. The fake store scam is a sophisticated form of online fraud that can be hard to detect. It relies on the trust and desire of customers for a good deal.


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