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Fake stores

Customers have raised complaints about Shopaedes.shop, accusing it of operating a fraudulent online store. The website is relatively new, having been registered just 99 days ago at the time of this report. It fails to provide a customer service phone number, which raises suspicions. The items displayed on the website are not genuine and could pose a risk due to the poor quality materials used in their manufacture. The images used to represent these items are also not authentic. Unfinished pages filled with generic content and placeholder text litter the website, further undermining its credibility. Moreover, the website has no footprint on any social media platforms.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent website posing as a legitimate online store. These scams often lure unsuspecting customers with attractive deals, only to deliver counterfeit goods or nothing at all. The scammers then disappear, leaving the customer with no recourse for a refund or exchange.

Red Flags

Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No contact page
No phone numbers
No refund policy
No social media
A fake store scam occurs when a fraudulent seller sets up an online storefront. They usually mimic reputable companies to trick unsuspecting shoppers. The websites appear legitimate, complete with product images, descriptions, and prices. Often, these sites offer items far below their market value to attract customers. At times, scammers may also use social media platforms to lure victims. They create fake accounts that appear as genuine retailers. They promise lucrative deals and exclusive products, which are too good to resist. Once a person falls for the scam, they are asked to provide sensitive information. This can include credit card details and addresses. However, after the payment, either the product never arrives or the received product is inferior than promised. The scammer then disappears, leaving the buyer with no recourse for their losses. The person would lose money and their private information could be at risk as well. In some cases, the scammers use sophisticated tactics. They employ fake reviews and testimonials to add credibility to their fake stores. These practices make it even more difficult for consumers to identify these scams.


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Reports have surfaced regarding Gahaly.shop as a dubious online store. The website, just a month old at the time of this discovery, lacks crucial details, such as a contact number for customer service. Its authenticity was further questioned when it was found to be filled with content plagiarized from similar sites, indicating a lack of […]


Naturalnecessity.shop has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The products displayed on this platform are deceptive and potentially harmful due to the low-grade materials used in their construction. When we discovered this, the website was merely 95 days old. There’s no customer service phone number provided on the site. The pictures displayed on the […]


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