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Fake stores

Sharroun.com, an online store, has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The website, which is a mere 68 days old, lacks a customer service phone number. Moreover, its content appears to be a copy from other similar sites, casting doubt on its originality. The products offered on the site are counterfeit and potentially dangerous due to the use of inferior quality materials in their making. Additionally, the product images showcased are not authentic.

A fake store scam is a deceptive practice where a fraudulent online store is set up to lure unsuspecting customers. These stores often sell counterfeit goods, lack customer service, and may even steal credit card information, leaving customers with subpar products or even empty-handed.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
A fake store scam is a type of fraud where scammers set up a fake online store. They design it to look like a legitimate business. They might use a familiar brand name or logo. The goal is to trick you into thinking you're shopping at a real online store. You might find these fake stores through online ads or social media links. They offer products at incredibly low prices. These deals are too good to be true. You place an order, but the product never arrives. Or, if it does, it's not what you expected. The scammers get your money and personal information. They can use this for identity theft. Always be cautious when shopping online. Check the website's legitimacy before making a purchase. Look for secure payment options and customer reviews. If it seems suspicious, it's best to avoid it.


Carslifte.shop, a website that’s barely a month old, is operating an elaborate fake store scam. It’s hard to reach their customer service as their phone number is conspicuously missing from the site. Doubts about the site’s content authenticity arise when you realize it doesn’t resemble any other similar pages. They sell counterfeit products, which could […]


Hy-stakes.ltd has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. Prospective investors are enticed with promises of substantial returns, only for the fraudsters to disappear once the investment is made. The products they purport to sell are represented by stock images on their website. Interestingly, the website was a mere 45 days old when the scam […]


Consumers have reported that Premier-financeltd.org is engaging in fraudulent investment activities. They promise significant returns on your investment, but once you invest, the scammers abscond with your money. Additionally, the photos displayed on their website are not genuine. At the time of this report, the website had only been in existence for 41 days. It […]


Our team discovered that Nzxwealth.com has been running a fraudulent investment operation. This website guarantees handsome returns on investments. However, upon investment, the fraudsters abscond with the cash. The photos presented on this site are fabricated. The site does not show a legitimate business name. The website lacks a social media following. The physical address […]


The website Gq-club.com has come under scrutiny for being part of a cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) scam. Detected when the website was still in its infancy, just 59 days old, it was already raising eyebrows. Notably, the site was filled with counterfeit reviews, supposedly penned by non-existent individuals. Not only that, but the website’s […]

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