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Investment scams

Sapientfinancial.ltd has come under scrutiny for questionable operations, with many suspecting it to be a fraudulent investment scheme. The company promises high returns on investments, however, once the funds are transferred, the company vanishes, leaving investors in the lurch. The company’s online presence is virtually non-existent, with no social media footprint to speak of. The website, barely over three months old, lacks essential contact information such as a customer service number. Additionally, the business address provided on the website has been found to be fictitious.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where individuals are enticed to part with their money, lured by the promise of high returns. The fraudsters then abscond with the funds, leaving the investors with significant losses.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
Investment scams are deceptive practices. They are designed to trick people into making poor financial decisions. Often, these scams make grand promises of high returns with little risk. They can be presented in a variety of ways, including online ads, cold calls, or even through friends and family. Scammers use a variety of tactics to convince individuals to hand over their money. They might use technical jargon to make the deal sound legitimate and complex. Often, they create a sense of urgency, claiming that the "opportunity" is limited and will be gone soon. In some cases, they even pay out initial returns to early investors using the funds provided by later investors, a scheme known as a Ponzi. The common theme in all these scams is that the promised returns are too good to be true. The potential investor is generally left with significant financial loss.


Financebeta.net has been flagged as an investment fraud. The website, only 96 days old when identified, lacks a customer service contact number. They promise high returns on your investment, but once you invest, the fraudsters take the money and disappear. A foreign business or individuals run the website. It has zero social media followers and […]


Retetradepro.com has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. Enticing potential investors with hefty profits, the culprits behind this site disappear once you deposit your funds. Major review platforms show no feedback on this platform, raising more suspicions. The absence of a social media footprint for the website further undermines its credibility. Further investigation revealed […]


Lyme-prime.com has been spotted engaging in a fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency. They lure you with promises of huge returns from your investment, but once you’ve put your money, the fraudsters disappear. None of the major review platforms contain any feedback about them. Their presence on social media platforms is non-existent. The website itself is filled […]


Exchangeminers.com is caught in the act, running a scam under the guise of an investment scheme. They entice you with grand promises of substantial returns on your investment. However, once you put your money in, these fraudsters abscond with it, leaving you high and dry. Surprisingly, there’s not a single review to be found for […]


Our investigation reveals that Nodecrestfx.com is running a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise attractive returns to lure investors. However, once the money is invested, the fraudsters vanish with it. This company does not have any footprint on social media. Its website consists of numerous incomplete pages, filled with default content and placeholder text, which speaks […]

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