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Fake stores

Customers have flagged Raglang.com for operating a fraudulent online store. The products sold on this platform are not genuine and could pose a risk due to the inferior materials used in their production. The company’s address listed on the site is not real. The contact numbers provided on the site are currently out of service. As of the time this report was made, the website had been in operation for 92 days. The content on this site seems to mirror that of similar websites, suggesting that it has been duplicated. A number of pages on the site are still under development, filled with generic content and placeholder text.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent online marketplace that sells counterfeit or low-quality goods. These scams often use fake business addresses and non-working phone numbers. The websites may also duplicate content from other legitimate sites and have numerous pages under construction filled with default content.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake address
Phone disconnected
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business name
No refund policy
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a fraudulent activity where scammers create a fake online store to trick people into buying nonexistent products. These scams often use attractive deals and discounts to lure unsuspecting victims. The scammers design the fake store to look like a legitimate online shopping site. They use professional-looking logos, product images, and even customer reviews. Once a victim makes a purchase, the scammers collect the payment but never deliver the product. In some cases, they may also steal the victim's personal and financial information for further fraudulent activities. To avoid falling for such scams, it's important to verify the authenticity of the online store before making a purchase. Look for signs like secure payment methods, a physical address, and a working contact number. Also, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, they often are. Remember, if something seems off, it's better to be safe than sorry. Always do your research before making an online purchase.


You should be aware that Globalcrypttrading.com has been flagged as an investment scam. The site promises high returns on your investment, but once you’ve put your money in, the fraudsters vanish with your cash. Our investigation revealed several incomplete pages on their website, littered with standard content and placeholder text. Beyond the self-promotion on their […]


Racquetguysshop.shop falls under the category of a bogus store scam. Our investigation identified that the website only hit the 30-day mark recently. You won’t find a customer support phone number on the site. The products they advertise and sell are nothing but knock-offs, posing potential threats because of the substandard materials in their making. Images […]


Our team has discovered that Shopuntamedpetals.shop is functioning as a fraudulent online store. The pictures showcased on this site are not authentic. This deceit was identified when the site was merely 110 days into its operation. A glaring omission on the website is the lack of a customer service contact number. The authenticity of the […]


Zone-bags.com, a relatively new website at 92 days old, is currently under scrutiny for operating a fraudulent online store. It has been noticed that the website does not provide a customer service phone number, which is a common feature of legitimate businesses. Furthermore, the content found on the site appears to be plagiarized from other […]


Shopurbangeneral.shop, a relatively new website, has been identified as partaking in fraudulent activities. The website, which is barely a month old, lacks a customer service phone number – a feature commonly provided by legitimate businesses. An examination of its content reveals striking similarities with other websites, suggesting possible content duplication. The site’s images also raise […]

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