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Crypto scams

In our investigation, we found out that Prodemfx.com, a supposed cryptocurrency exchange platform, is not what it seems. The platform promises substantial returns on investments, luring unsuspecting investors to part with their money. However, once you invest, the scammers disappear with your hard-earned cash.

Unfortunately, the company’s online reputation is non-existent. Reviews, which could have painted a clear picture of their operations, are missing. Also, the absence of social media profiles for the business raises red flags.

Interestingly, the website is a recent creation. With just 79 days of existence at the time of this report, it is relatively new. Even more worrying, there is no contact information available. There is no phone number for customer service listed, leaving customers without a channel for inquiries or complaints.

In essence, Prodemfx.com fits the profile of a crypto exchange scam, a scheme designed to swindle unsuspecting investors of their money in the guise of a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme that appears like a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. These scams promise significant returns on investment, but once an individual invests money, the scammers disappear with it. The absence of credible reviews, social media presence, contact information, and the platform’s recent creation are common red flags.

Red Flags

Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
Crypto exchange scams involve fraudsters who pretend to be legitimate digital currency exchanges. They create fake sites or mobile applications, often duplicating authentic ones. The idea is to deceive people into depositing their cryptocurrencies, promising high exchange rates and fast transactions. Now, some common promises made by these scammers are high returns, guaranteed profits, and free giveaways. They may also claim tight security measures to convince people of their legitimacy. They are masters of persuasion, often using social proof, such as manipulated user testimonials and reviews. These scammers may employ aggressive marketing tactics. They can spam people's e-mail with promotional offers or use pop-up ads. Sometimes, they may even use the names of well-known figures in the crypto industry to add credibility to their scheme. The ultimate aim is to lure investors into transferring their cryptocurrencies into the fake exchange's wallet. After achieving that, they disappear, leaving the victim with no way to recover their digital assets.


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