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Fake stores

Photosavingsus.shop, a relatively new website just a little over a month old, has been revealed to be involved in a deceptive store scam. The lack of a customer service phone number on the website raises suspicion. Doubts about the authenticity of the website’s content have been raised as it seems to closely mirror content from similar websites. The products sold on the site are misrepresented by inaccurate images. The presence of multiple incomplete pages filled with preset content and placeholder text further raises concerns about the legitimacy of this online store.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent website that mimics a legitimate online shop. These scams often display inaccurate product images or descriptions, lack contact information, and might include multiple incomplete webpages with filler or copied content. The primary goal is to deceive customers into purchasing non-existing or substandard products.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Default content
Fake business name
Fake images
Fake promises
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme. Online shopping becomes more popular everyday. Scammers are taking advantage of this trend. They create fake online stores. They look just like real online shops. These fake stores trick people into buying non-existent products. To protect yourself, remember a few tips. First, always check the website's URL. It should start with 'https'. The 's' stands for secure. Second, look for reviews of the store online. If there are none or they are all negative, it's a red flag. Third, never give out your personal information unless it's necessary. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always stay vigilant when shopping online.


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