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Fake stores

Orientallampshade.shop is an online marketplace that has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The goods sold on this platform are not authentic and could potentially pose a risk due to the substandard materials used in their production. The authenticity of the website’s content is questionable, as it seems to be copied from similar sites. The images displayed on this site are not genuine. Numerous incomplete pages with preloaded content and placeholder text can be found on the website. There is no customer service phone number provided on the website. Furthermore, there is a noticeable absence of reviews for this company on well-known consumer review platforms.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent operation where an online store pretends to sell genuine products, but in reality, they either deliver counterfeit items or nothing at all. These scams often use copied content and images from legitimate websites, and lack customer service contact information. They also typically have no reviews on reputable consumer review sites.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
A fake store scam is a deceitful tactic where fraudsters create an online storefront that looks legitimate. These scammers use impressive graphics, detailed product descriptions, and low prices to attract unsuspecting buyers. Often, these fake stores offer popular or high-demand items. The prices are usually too good to be true, which is a key indicator of a potential scam. Scammers use various tricks to deceive people. They may display fake customer reviews to build trust. The store might also claim to have limited stock or time-limited deals to pressure people into buying quickly. Typically, after purchasing, the buyer never receives the product. Alternatively, they receive an item that is vastly different from what advertised. In either case, the scammer usually disappears, leaving the buyer without any recourse for getting their money back.


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Our findings reveal that Tinancex.com is functioning as a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise you substantial returns on your investment. However, once you transfer your funds to them, the fraudsters vanish without a trace. The website was merely 97 days old when we discovered this. There’s no phone number listed on the site for customer […]


Octamarketrend.com, a website that’s been active for 78 days, has been flagged as a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. The site promises huge returns on investments, but once the investment is made, the money mysteriously vanishes. The so-called scammers then disappear into thin air. The physical address listed on the website for the business turns out to […]

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