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Fake stores

The website Orderskishop.com is operating a fraudulent online store. This deceit was uncovered when the website was merely 93 days into its operation. The content on the site is unoriginal, seemingly lifted from similar sources. There’s substantial evidence indicating that the website is managed from China. The products sold on this online marketplace are not authentic and could potentially be hazardous due to the substandard materials used in their manufacture. The website does not provide a customer service phone number.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent website that poses as a legitimate online store. These scams lure customers into purchasing non-existent products or low-quality goods, often stealing personal information in the process.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
A fake store scam involves fraudsters creating a phony online shop. These stores often sell popular items at significantly lower prices. They attract unsuspecting shoppers with these too-good-to-be-true deals. Scammers design these websites to look legitimate. They may use logos and designs from well-known brands. Some even create fake customer reviews to make the store seem trustworthy. Once a purchase is made, the scammer either doesn't deliver the product or sends a counterfeit or inferior item. The customer's credit card information might also be stolen during the transaction. In some cases, the fake store may exist only for a short time. Scammers quickly shut it down and disappear once they've collected enough money. This makes it difficult for victims to get their money back or take legal action.


Bittrom.com is engaging in an investment scam. They promise significant growth for your investment, but once you invest, the scammers abscond with your money. The images displayed on this site are not accurate representations of the product being sold. We have observed instances of identical content being copied from other websites, undermining the site’s originality. […]


Customers have raised concerns about Zelletinvestment.com, citing it as an investment scam. They promise attractive returns on your investment only to disappear with your money once you’ve invested. The company’s alleged affiliations, as stated on their website, are fictitious. A significant portion of the website is still under development, populated with generic content and filler […]


Sanriousa.shop, a young website of just 30 days, has been found to operate a deceptive store scam. The lack of a customer service phone number on the site raises red flags. The content on the website lacks originality, mirroring similar sites in an uncanny manner. Images displayed on the site misrepresent the actual products for […]


Botsfoliotd.live, a recently launched website, is under scrutiny for running an investment scam. The website, which is just 89 days old, promises high returns on investments. However, once the investment is made, the fraudsters disappear with the money. The absence of a customer service phone number on the website raises further doubts about its credibility. […]


Doraherty.top operates an illegitimate online store. The visuals it uses for its products are misleading, not accurately representing what’s for sale. The website is new, only being 42 days old at the time of this observation. A thorough analysis of the site’s data reveals that it recycles content from similar platforms, indicating a lack of […]

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