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Investment scams

Reports have surfaced from everyday consumers about Orbitdual-fx.com, raising allegations of it perpetrating an investment scam. They dangle the promise of substantial earnings after you invest, but instead, they simply take the money and vanish without a trace. The website seems barren, devoid of any social media footprint. Multiple unfinished pages scattered across the site are splashed with default content and placeholder text. Claims of partnerships featured on the company’s site are in fact spurious. Furthermore, the address listed for the company on the site can’t be verified.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where fraudsters mislead individuals into making financial investments with false promises of high returns. The money victims invest typically ends up stolen by these scammers without any significant returns.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Fake partnerships
Fake promises
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
No SSL certificate
No terms & conditions
An investment scam manipulates individuals into giving money with false promises of high returns. These scams often guarantee quick profits with little to no risk involved. The scammer typically presents as an experienced investor or financial advisor. Scammers use persuasive language and complex jargon to seem credible. They often prioritize pressuring potential victims into making fast decisions. This pressure may take the form of limited-time offers or exclusive opportunities. In some cases, scammers use pyramid schemes. New investors’ money doesn't go towards a legitimate investment. Instead, it pays off earlier investors. Once new investors dry up, the scheme collapses. The newer investors lose all their money. It's a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Remember, if an investment sounds 'too good to be true,' then, it probably is.


On February 24, 2023, Dooick.com was reported in the online scam category. The website is newly registered, with a registration date of February 7, 2023. As of the complaint date, the website was only 17 days old. Additionally, the website’s ownership is hidden using a third-party privacy service, and the address provided on the website […]


Customers have reported Anytimesportssupply.shop for operating a fraudulent online store. The images displayed on the site don’t accurately represent the products for sale. The website is filled with incomplete pages that still contain default content and filler text. Major review platforms don’t have any feedback about this site. The site lacks a customer service phone […]


Consumers have raised complaints against Cabletv4cheap.com, accusing it of running a scam. The website, which was only 55 days old at the time of these reports, does not provide a customer service phone number. Notably, the products listed for sale are represented by stock images. Several pages on the site are unfinished, filled with generic […]


Boticaespanol.com, a relatively new website, has been suspected of fraudulent activities. At the point of discovery, the website was merely a month and a half old. One of the glaring issues is the absence of a customer service contact number, a crucial element for any credible online business. The content of the site reflects a […]


Luxurioustools.com is currently operating a deceptive online store. The website, at the time of investigation, was just over three months old. Further examination indicates that the operation is likely based in China. Instead of actual product photos, the website employs generic stock images. The business, despite its claims, has no legal establishment in the state […]

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