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Investment scams

Orbit-mining.com has been identified as a fraudulent investment scheme. The perpetrators of this scam lure unsuspecting investors with the promise of high returns. However, once the investment is made, they disappear with the funds. Our investigation revealed several pages on the website that are still under construction, populated with placeholder content. The fraud came to light when the website was a mere 104 days old. The website lacks a contact number for customer service, raising further suspicion. Additionally, the company address provided on the website was found to be fake.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where individuals are enticed to part with their money with the promise of high returns. However, the promised returns are never delivered and the scammers often disappear with the investors’ money.

Red Flags

Fake address
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
An investment scam typically involves false promises of high returns with little to no risk. Scammers often present complicated strategies or secret knowledge to justify their claims. They might use technical jargon to confuse potential victims. Usually, they stress the urgency of investing immediately to maximize profits. Such scams often appear legitimate. They might include fake testimonials or use the names of reputable financial institutions. Scammers might send unsolicited emails or messages, inviting people to invest in their schemes. Some even set up fake websites to allure people. One common tactic they use is the “pump and dump”. They artificially inflate the price of a low-value stock, convince people to invest, then sell off their own shares before the price crashes. Remember, if an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Bag-owner.com, a relatively new website, has been identified as a fraudulent online store. The website, which was only 85 days old at the time of discovery, appears to be managed from China. The products advertised on this site are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the inferior materials used in their manufacture. […]


Shopkenstanton.shop has been identified as a fraudulent online shop. At the point of detection, the website had been active for only 32 days. Interestingly, the website lacks a customer service phone number, which raises questions about its credibility. Upon careful inspection, the website’s originality is found wanting, bearing noticeable resemblances to other dubious websites. Many […]


Capitafinex-energy.com, a recently established website, has been identified as a fraudulent investment platform. The domain name was merely 80 days old at the time of this discovery. The operators of this website lure unsuspecting investors with the promise of high returns on investments. However, once the investment is made, the culprits disappear with the funds. […]


Reports have surfaced about Gearupfor-camp.com, a site that is allegedly a counterfeit store scam. A closer look reveals many pages on the site that are still in the development phase, filled with unchanged content and placeholder notes. The site’s age at the time of discovery was a mere 91 days. Alarmingly, the products offered on […]


Opahtradefx.com is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They lure you in with the promise of high returns on your investment. However, they disappear with your money once you make the investment. A thorough examination of the website revealed multiple incomplete pages riddled with default content and filler text. The company’s purported online partnerships are nothing […]

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