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Fake stores

Optskiworld.com has been identified as a fraudulent online store. Indications suggest that the website’s operations are based in China. The website’s registration is recent, with the domain name being a mere 93 days old at the time of this report. The images displayed on the site do not accurately represent the products being sold. The merchandise offered by this website is not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used in their production. The company’s address listed on the website is also found to be false.

A fake store scam is essentially an online shop that pretends to sell products, but in reality, it’s just a scheme to defraud consumers. These fake stores often display images of items that they don’t actually have, and the products they do send out are typically knock-offs made from low-quality materials. The listed addresses for these companies usually turn out to be non-existent or unrelated to the business.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake images
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business name
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where con artists set up an online storefront or use a well-known marketplace platform. They list products at a significantly lower price than their actual market value. The common trick is to lure customers with big discounts, irresistible deals, or limited-time offers. These scammers often create polished websites, complete with attractive product images and seemingly legitimate customer reviews. The end game is simple. Once the customer makes a purchase, the scammer takes the money and fails to deliver the item. In some cases, they might even provide a tracking number giving the impression that the item is on its way. This is a ploy to delay the buyer from realizing they've been scammed and reporting it. By the time the buyer catches on, the fake store website is usually taken down and the scammer has disappeared.


A bogus operation has been identified at Specibicycle.com, a website that’s been up for just 28 days, but already running a counterfeit scheme. In a thorough investigation, it was found that the site doesn’t provide any customer service contact details. Further, the website content appears to be lifted from other similar online platforms, raising suspicions […]


Exclusifsenligne.com, a recently launched website, is under scrutiny for operating a fraudulent online store. The domain name is just 53 days old as of this report. A notable absence is the customer service phone number which is not displayed on the website. Further investigation reveals that the content on the site is not original, but […]


Octamarketrend.com, a website that’s been active for 78 days, has been flagged as a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. The site promises huge returns on investments, but once the investment is made, the money mysteriously vanishes. The so-called scammers then disappear into thin air. The physical address listed on the website for the business turns out to […]


We’ve discovered that the website Orchardshopus.shop is masquerading as a legitimate shop but is, in fact, a sham. It came to our attention merely 31 days after the website was launched. The site lacks original content, though it does not seem to be plagiarized from other similar pages. One significant red flag is the absence […]


Handbagsedgy.com is operating a deceptive scheme, posing as a legitimate store. The products they offer are not genuine and could potentially be harmful due to the substandard materials used in their manufacturing process. The content on the site lacks originality, with images that do not accurately depict the products for sale. The absence of a […]

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