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Fake stores

The website Nookandcottage.shop is under scrutiny for being a fraudulent online store. The items they are selling are not genuine and could potentially be hazardous due to the substandard materials used in their creation. The website’s content lacks originality, and it’s noticeable that there is no customer service contact number provided. The company’s social media presence is virtually non-existent, with no followers to speak of. Furthermore, the company lacks any form of feedback or reviews on well-known consumer review platforms.

A fake store scam is essentially a deceptive practice where a website poses as a legitimate online store. However, instead of providing genuine products, they sell counterfeit items or sometimes, take money without delivering any product at all. These scams often lack customer service, have no social media followers, and receive no reviews on reputable consumer websites.

Red Flags

Copycat content

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam involves fraudsters creating phony online storefronts. These bogus sites often convincingly mimic the look and feel of legitimate online retailers. Some even use actual product images, descriptions and customer reviews. Scammers promise deals too good to be true to lure unsuspecting shoppers. Prices may be dramatically lower compared to other online retailers. These scams frequently ramp up around big-sale events, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Once a purchase is made, the fake store will either never deliver the product or send an inferior or counterfeit version of the item. In some cases, they may even charge reoccurring fees to the buyer's credit card account. These scammers are savvy at creating urgency and exploiting trust. Tactics include limited-time offers, high-pressure sales tactics or claims of exclusive access to high-demand products. They exploit security loopholes, like using unsecured payment methods and non-existent return policies, to trick shoppers and protect themselves.


Reports suggest that Dmuvix.com is a fraudulent investment platform. The company promises substantial returns on investments, but once the investment is made, the scammers disappear with your money. The customer service numbers provided on their website are non-functional. The scam came to light when the website was just 99 days into operation. The content on […]


Primarkwear.com, a recently established website, is engaging in deceptive business practices. The site, only 43 days old at the time of this report, lacks crucial elements such as a customer service phone number. Displayed photos do not accurately represent the products they’re trying to sell, creating a false impression for potential customers. The website’s content, […]


People have expressed concerns about Rdxeshop.com, citing it as a fraudulent online retailer. The website’s content seems to be borrowed from other like-minded sites, which casts doubts on its authenticity. What’s more, the product images displayed are misleading and do not accurately depict the items on sale. Many sections of the website are still under […]


Shoehqshop.com appears to be running a scam, posing as a legitimate store. The website is a recent creation, with its domain name only 43 days old at the time of our investigation. It’s concerning that there’s no customer service phone number listed on the site. Additionally, the images displayed for the products are misleading and […]


Remediofarma.pro has been flagged as a fraudulent site. The website, which is only 50 days old at the time of this revelation, lacks a contact number for customer service. A deep dive into the website’s data reveals copied content from other similar sites, implying a lack of creativity. Graphics displayed on the site fail to […]

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