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Collection scam

Neighbouringpets.com has come under scrutiny for allegedly operating as a collection scam. This online marketplace is known to sell goods that are not original and could potentially be harmful due to the low-quality materials used in their production. Evidence suggests that the site may be operating out of China. The website’s content lacks originality and seems to mimic material from similar sites. Unfinished pages on the site are filled with default content and placeholder text. Furthermore, the images displayed on the site do not accurately represent the products being sold.

A collection scam is a fraudulent scheme where scammers pretend to be legitimate debt collectors to trick people into paying them money. They often use threats, intimidation, and high-pressure tactics to get what they want. It’s important to stay vigilant and verify any debt before making a payment.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
A collection scam involves individuals pretending to be debt collectors. They use intimidation and scare tactics to extract money from unsuspecting victims. They may seem legitimate, often having some personal information, like your name or part of your social security number. Typically, these fraudsters claim you owe money for an unpaid debt. They might insist on immediate payment and threaten severe consequences if you fail to comply. These can be legal action, wage garnishment, or even jail time. Their goal is to pressure you into paying quickly, before you have a chance to question the validity of the debt. Even though they might seem convincing, it's important to remember that real debt collectors must adhere to certain laws and regulations. They cannot threaten or harass you, and they must provide written proof of the debt if you request it. Any deviation from these norms is a red flag that you might be dealing with a scammer.


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