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Crypto scams

Montrealcorp.com has been identified as a fraudulent cryptocurrency platform. Despite its relatively young age of 80 days, it has already started to lure unsuspecting victims with the promise of substantial investment returns. However, once the investment is made, the fraudsters vanish with the money. The company’s name isn’t officially registered in the state it purports to be located in. Moreover, the business address displayed on the website is fictitious. The customer service numbers provided on the website are also non-functional, further confirming its illegitimate operations.

A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme that involves digital currencies. It typically promises high returns on investments, but once the money is invested, the scammers disappear with the funds. These scams often operate through unregistered businesses and provide false contact information.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name
Phone disconnected
Recently registered
A crypto scam is a fraudulent scheme involving cryptocurrencies. Scammers may use various tactics to trick people. They often promise high returns on investments. These promises are usually unrealistic, aiming to attract people with the allure of quick and easy profits. Another common tactic is the use of fake endorsements. Scammers may falsely claim that their scheme is supported by celebrities or well-known figures in the crypto industry. They use these false endorsements to build trust and credibility. Scammers may also create fake initial coin offerings (ICOs). These are fundraising methods where new cryptocurrencies are pre-sold to investors. Scammers trick people into buying non-existent cryptocurrencies with the promise of high returns once the coin starts trading publicly. Ponzi schemes are also prevalent. In this type of scam, returns for older investors are paid using the funds invested by newer investors. Ponzi schemes are unsustainable and usually collapse, leading to significant losses for investors. Some scammers may even use malware or phishing attacks to steal cryptocurrencies directly from people's digital wallets. Crypto scams are sophisticated and can be highly deceptive. It's crucial to stay informed and cautious when dealing with cryptocurrencies.


Consumers have raised complaints about Fxempire.live, accusing it of operating an investment fraud. They lure you with promises of substantial returns on your investment, but once you put your money in, the fraudsters take it and disappear. Several pages on their website are still under construction, filled with default text and placeholder material. The scam […]


Customers have raised red flags about Minersera.org, accusing the website of running an investment scheme. Although they paint a picture of potential high returns from investing, the reality is that once you hand over your money, the culprits vanish. The website lacks a social media following, and a thorough search of popular consumer review websites […]


We’ve discovered that Assetideal.online is running an investment scam. They promise significant returns on your investment, but once you invest, they disappear with your money. The website contains incomplete pages with generic content and placeholder text. Additionally, there are no followers on their social media accounts, and the photos displayed on the site are fraudulent. […]


Hatsalestets.com is operating a fraudulent online store. The deceptive scheme was uncovered when the website was just 56 days into its existence. The website’s content is plagiarized, clearly mimicking other similar online stores. The line of products they are advertising are fake, potentially posing harm due to the poor quality of materials used in their […]


On February 10, 2023, Occurre.com was reported as a fake online store. Occurre.com is a recently registered domain name, created on December 18, 2022. The website ownership is concealed by a third-party privacy service. Despite claiming to operate from England, evidence suggests that Occurre.com actually a website operated from China, with the exact physical location […]

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