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Fake stores

Moissaniterings.shop, an online store, is currently under suspicion for fraudulent activities. The website, which is relatively new, has been flagged for running a scam operation. Interestingly, the website doesn’t provide a customer service phone number, which raises questions about its legitimacy. The content on the website appears to be copied from other sources, undermining its originality. The products showcased on the website are misleading, potentially due to the substandard raw materials used in their creation. The images displayed do not accurately depict the products for sale. Furthermore, many pages on the website are still under construction, filled with placeholder content and nonsensical text.

A fake store scam involves a deceptive online store that lures customers with attractive but non-existent products. These scams often use copied content, misleading product images, and lack of customer service contact information to deceive consumers. The ultimate goal is to trick customers into making purchases, but the products are either of poor quality or never delivered at all.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake images
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam involves a scammer setting up a fake online store. They present it as a legitimate shopping site, selling high-demand goods at lower prices. To create an aura of authenticity, scammers may use professional-looking images and descriptions of products, fake customer reviews, and secure payment badges. Scammers are known to promise quick delivery and easy returns. Sometimes, they even claim to offer free shipping worldwide. Their main tactic is to attract shoppers with these irresistible deals. However, once a customer places an order and pays for it, the scammer either sends a counterfeit item, an item of lesser value, or nothing at all. In the end, the customer loses money and receives no product, or a product which is inferior in quality to what was advertised. The fake online store then disappears, only to reappear under a new name.


People have reported Investofxcrypto.com for operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They lure you in with the promise of high returns on your investment. However, once you’ve handed over your money, the fraudsters disappear. The business address they provide online is fake. When the scam was discovered, the website had only been active for 99 days. […]


Growintrade.com, a recently established website, is engaging in a deceitful crypto exchange practice. The website’s domain registration is relatively fresh, being only 78 days old at the time of this investigation. Notably, the site lacks any customer service contact information, which is a significant red flag. Growintrade.com lures potential investors with promises of substantial profits. […]


We’ve discovered that Fewqfea.com is functioning as a counterfeit store scam. A customer service phone number is nowhere to be found on the site. The content of this website seems to mirror that of similar platforms, suggesting that it’s been duplicated. The items available on this site are not genuine and could pose a risk […]


Thebitqtapp.net operates a fraudulent investment scheme. The promise of substantial returns lures you in. After investing, your money disappears, falling into the hands of the scammers. The company lacks testimonials on renowned customer review platforms. A lack of followers on various social media platforms further raises suspicions. Scrutiny of the website reveals a multitude of […]


The website Newgolfsell.com is engaging in fraudulent activities by operating a phony online store. This site was registered recently, with the domain name being a mere 93 days old at the time of our investigation. It’s important to note that the reviews displayed on the site are not genuine, but rather fabricated to deceive potential […]

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