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Phishing Scam

Mluginous.com was classified as a misleading content and phishing website on February 15, 2023.

The site features a link that directs visitors to a page impersonating a FedEx delivery service, informing them of an undelivered package and requesting a fee for its delivery.

It is advised that consumers avoid visiting this website, as well as all other associated websites.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake business name

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No phone numbers
No social media
A common online scam involves fraudulent websites that appear to be affiliated with major delivery companies like FedEx or UPS. These sites will display a message notifying the visitor of a package that has been delayed or undelivered. To receive the package, the visitor is instructed to pay a fee by entering their personal and financial information on the website. However, once the payment is made, no package is delivered and the website disappears. This is a phishing attempt designed to steal personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims. It is important to be cautious and verify the authenticity of any website that asks for sensitive information or payment.


Hy-stakes.ltd has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. Prospective investors are enticed with promises of substantial returns, only for the fraudsters to disappear once the investment is made. The products they purport to sell are represented by stock images on their website. Interestingly, the website was a mere 45 days old when the scam […]


Acriphaxinc.com, a website we’ve recently examined, operates under the guise of an investment opportunity. However, it’s nothing more than a classic scam. The modus operandi involves promising investors sky-high returns on their capital. Once the unsuspecting individuals transfer their funds, the perpetrators behind the website disappear without a trace. A notable red flag is the […]


Coinnective.pro is currently operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise huge returns on your investments, but instead, they abscond with your money once you invest. A plethora of incomplete webpages rampant with generic content and filler text have been unearthed on this site. The partnerships that they publicize on the website are simply fictional. The […]


Rainbowcryptotradingplatform.com stands accused of fraudulent investment activities. Potential investors are enticed with the promise of substantial returns, but after the money changes hands, the fraudsters disappear. Despite its claims, the company has no presence or feedback on key customer review sites. The partnerships it boasts of on its website are nothing but smoke and mirrors. […]


On February 21, 2023, Superti.shop was classified as a counterfeit website. This website is a replica of costco.com and is believed to be intended for phishing scams. It is strongly advised that consumers refrain from accessing this website and refrain from providing any personal or financial information under any circumstances.  

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