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Investment scams

Miyo-international-trader.ltd operates an investment scam. The website, only 94 days old at the time of reporting, promises high returns on investments. However, once the money is sent, the fraudsters take it and vanish. The site is filled with incomplete pages filled with generic content and filler text. It falsely claims to operate under a business name not registered with the secretary of state. It also lacks reviews and has no presence on social media.

An investment scam is a fraudulent scheme where a company or individual promises high returns on investments, but instead of investing the money as promised, they steal it and disappear.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No reviews
No social media
An investment scam, also known as a Ponzi scheme, is a fraudulent practice. It offers high returns with little to no risk. It's a pyramid scheme where the profits of old investors get paid by the investments of new ones. Scammers promise significant profits and lure potential investors with irresistible offers. They use manipulative tactics to convince people, like showing fake credibility or using aggressive marketing strategies. Often, early investors will receive returns from new investments, creating a false sense of security. It eventually collapses when there are not enough new investors to support the payments anymore. The scammers often disappear with the remaining funds. In this scam, the only people who usually benefit are the fraudsters at the top of the pyramid and the early investors. The rest, they lose their money.


Utsoktabarnkla.com, a website we discovered to be a fraudulent online store, was only 52 days old at the time of detection. The site lacks a listed phone number for customer service, making it difficult for customers to seek help. Differing from authentic retail sites, the pictures displayed on Utsoktabarnkla.com fail to genuinely represent the products […]


Consumers have flagged Astrid-miyu.com for operating a counterfeit store scam. The website’s registration is recent, with the domain name only 51 days old at the time of this report. There’s no customer support phone number provided on the website. Doubts arise about the originality of the website’s content, as it appears to be a copy […]


Gcgmarkets.com is currently involved in an investment scam. Enticing investors with a promise of high returns on their investments, the site then disappears with the deposited money. The website lacks reviews on all major reviewing platforms. Several incomplete pages on the site, populated with default content and placeholder text, have been discovered. The company appears […]


Global-trade-group.com has been flagged as a potential investment fraud. The company has no presence on social media platforms, which is unusual for a legitimate business in today’s digital age. A closer look at the website reveals several pages that are incomplete, filled with default content and placeholder text. The website itself is fairly new, with […]


Knifefixed.com, we’ve found, has been running a fraudulent online store. Our findings suggest that the operations are possibly based in China. The content on the website doesn’t seem original, with a strong resemblance to material on other similar sites. It was during the website’s infancy, just 91 days after its creation, that we uncovered the […]

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