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Crypto scams

Mintrotrade.com, a recently launched website, has been flagged as a potential crypto exchange scam. The domain name is a mere 84 days old, raising suspicions about its legitimacy. Further investigation reveals a lack of customer service contact, with no phone number available on the site. Adding to the concern, there is a noticeable absence of company reviews on well-known consumer review websites. Moreover, the business name does not appear to be registered in the state it purports to operate from. These factors combined indicate a high probability of fraudulent activity.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a website or platform pretends to be a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. They lure investors with promises of high returns, but once the money is transferred, they disappear without a trace.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
A crypto exchange scam is a deceptive operation where fraudsters present a fake cryptocurrency exchange. They use attractive websites with professional designs. These platforms promise high returns and low fees. They display charts and graphs, showing positive growth and profits. Scammers typically play on the greed and lack of knowledge of potential victims. They advertise through social media and email campaigns. Their aim is to lure users into transferring their cryptocurrency into the scammer's wallet. Once the victims deposit their crypto, the scammers disappear. The website shuts down and the fraudsters stop responding to any communication. The victims may not have any legal recourse because of the anonymous and unregulated nature of cryptocurrency transaction, Common promises made by these scams include guaranteed profits and risk-free trading experiences. Often, they offer referral bonuses to encourage users to bring more victims into their scheme. It's worth noting that crypto exchanges can't legally guarantee profits.


Consumers have raised complaints about Firstunit.online, citing it as a deceptive investment scheme. The website promises substantial profits to its investors, but the reality is quite different. Once the investment is made, the fraudsters pocket the money and vanish without a trace. The website is littered with unfinished pages, filled with default content and placeholder […]


Financemassets.com has been identified as an investment scam. The website promises high returns on investments but is actually a cover for fraudsters who abscond with the deposited funds. The pictures displayed on the site are not authentic. Moreover, the website was registered just 41 days ago, indicating its recent establishment. Additionally, the website lacks originality, […]


Rockhill-aseets.ltd has been identified as a fraudulent investment operation. The website tempts potential investors with the allure of substantial returns on their initial investment. However, the reality is that the scammers pocket the deposited funds and disappear. The website is riddled with incomplete pages, brimming with default content and placeholder text. A glaring omission on […]


Besttentshop.com, a recently established website, is under scrutiny for running a fraudulent store scam. The domain name, at the time of investigation, was a mere 57 days old. It appears that the operations of the website are based in China. The products listed for sale on the site are not authentic and could potentially be […]


Basicfuture.top finds itself the subject of scam accusations. Promises of profits, high and enticing, lure potential investors to this crypto exchange platform. Sadly, these promises remain just that, with users reporting stolen money after transactions. A thorough search yields no independent reviews of the website, only what they themselves have published. Their social media presence […]

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