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Fake stores

Customers have flagged Lovesporter.com as a dubious online store. The website, which was only 92 days old at the time of the report, doesn’t offer a customer service phone number. The business address provided online is also fictitious. The products displayed on the website are misleading and potentially risky due to the poor quality of the raw materials used in their manufacture. The website’s content, which appears to be original, lacks credibility. Furthermore, there are no reviews available for the company. The website is littered with numerous incomplete pages filled with default content and placeholder text.

A fake store scam is a fraudulent scheme where a seemingly legitimate online store is created to deceive customers. These stores typically offer a wide range of products at attractive prices. However, they often use fake addresses, lack customer service, and may not deliver the purchased items. The quality of the products, if delivered, is usually substandard.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake address
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam occurs when a fraudulent website or social media page poses as a legitimate online store. These scams often offer popular products at significantly reduced prices to lure in unsuspecting victims. Scammers behind these operations frequently create professional-looking sites. They use stolen logos and designs to mimic well-known brands or retailers. Product descriptions and customer reviews may also seem authentic. The scammers often promise various benefits. They may offer free shipping, quick delivery, or hassle-free returns. These offers are very attractive to buyers, especially if the product is in high demand or hard to find. Once a shopper makes a purchase, the scammer collects their payment and personal information. However, the ordered items never arrive. In some cases, the buyer may receive a cheap imitation product instead of what they purchased. Finally, the scammers may use the collected personal information for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. This can lead to long-term concerns for the victims, beyond the initial financial loss.


We’ve found Procatprotrades.com acting dishonestly as an investment scam. Their own pages are the only sources of reviews for the website. A noticeable absence of social media activity surrounds them. Unfinished pages filled with default content and placeholder text are rampant on their site. The online alliances they flaunt are entirely fabricated. The images they […]


Ultimate-minerltd.org is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise significant growth on your investment, however, after you put your money in, the fraudsters vanish with your hard-earned cash. The company affiliations they claim on their website are non-existent. The website itself is riddled with incomplete pages filled with generic content and placeholder text. Notably absent […]


Dbs-groups.com has been identified to be running an investment scam. They promise hefty profits, yet it’s reported that they disappear once they receive deposits. Many sections of their website are still under construction, filled with generic content and placeholders. Their advertised online partnerships are not genuine. The website, being newly registered, is only 44 days […]


Motorhelmet.shop has raised a concern for seeming to be a fraudulent online store. It’s barely a month old, being just 29 days since its inception. A conspicuous absence is the customer service phone number, which is not provided on the site. Further, the content displayed appears to be unoriginal, bearing a striking similarity to other […]


Gallerygifts.shop is an online platform that has been identified as a fraudulent operation. The products offered on this platform are not genuine, and may pose potential hazards due to the substandard materials used in their manufacture. The website itself is littered with incomplete pages that contain generic content and placeholder text. The company’s presence on […]

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