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Investment scams

Consumers have raised concerns about Lennoxcryptoinvest.com, alleging it to be an investment scam. The company promises high returns on investments, but after the investment is made, the money vanishes into thin air. The partnerships that the company boasts about on its website are nothing more than a sham. Several pages on the website are incomplete, filled with default content and placeholder text. The business address provided on the website is also fraudulent. The scam was exposed when the website was merely 96 days old. Notably, the site doesn’t provide a phone number for customer service.

An investment scam is a scheme where fraudsters trick people into parting with their money, promising high returns. These scams often involve investments in stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, or even cryptocurrencies. The scammers typically vanish once they have collected enough money, leaving the investors high and dry.

Red Flags

Fake address
Fake partnerships
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No privacy policy
No reviews
No social media
An investment scam is a deceptive practice that misleads people into investing their money based on false information. Often, investors are promised high returns with little or no risk involved. These offers are usually too good to be true and designed to lure unsuspecting individuals. Scammers employ various tactics to appear legitimate. They may use professional-looking websites, fabricate customer testimonials or boast supposed affiliations with reputable organizations. Social proofing is another common strategy where scammers manipulate people into believing that other trusted or influential people have invested in their scheme. Investment scams can be very sophisticated and might involve complex financial terminologies and documents. This makes it difficult for the average person to discern their validity, thus falling prey to the scam.


On February 21, 2023, a user on ScamGuard reported Tarragonaguia.com as a fake online store. The website is a recently registered domain name, with a creation date of August 7, 2022. Tarragonaguia.com is selling counterfeit or imitation Reef brand clothing items. The website ownership is concealed by a third-party privacy service, and no customer support […]


Airjordanapp.com is operating an illegitimate online store. The website, which was only 53 days old at the time of investigation, does not provide a customer service phone number. The content of the site lacks uniqueness, suggesting it may have been copied from similar websites. The products offered on this platform are knock-offs, potentially posing risks […]


Tradesglobalfx.com has been flagged as a fraudulent investment scheme. The site lures investors with the promise of quick financial growth, but once the money is invested, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. The customer service numbers provided on their website are unresponsive, and the business address displayed does not exist. The content on the site […]


Consumers have raised concerns about Shophavenofficial.shop, alleging it to be a fraudulent online store. The images displayed on the site are not genuine, which raised suspicions. Interestingly, this discovery was made when the website was barely 110 days old. A noticeable absence is the customer service phone number, which is not provided on the site. […]


Coiinmine.org, a recently established website, is orchestrating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investments, but once you hand over your money, they disappear. The contact numbers provided on the site are non-functional, adding to the suspicion. The website, at the time of this investigation, was barely over three months old. The […]

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