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Crypto scams

The website Kryptoxprofit.com is implicated in a dubious crypto exchange operation. It prominently features fabricated reviews from customers who in reality, don’t exist. This website is under the helm of an overseas company. Strangely enough, there’s a conspicuous absence of a customer service phone number on their website. Additionally, its business name is not officially registered in the state it claims to operate from.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a company or website pretends to be a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. They often use fake reviews and lack legitimate contact information. Sometimes, these platforms aren’t even registered in the locations they claim to. They lure in unsuspecting individuals with the promise of lucrative returns, only to disappear with their victims’ investments.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake reviews
Foreign company

Missing Information

No phone numbers
In a crypto exchange scam, fraudsters create a bogus platform resembling a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. They lure unsuspecting investors with promises of high returns or unique crypto offering. Scammers typically use advanced web designs and feature-rich interfaces to deceive users. They make it appear as if substantial trading activity is occurring on their platforms. This hoodwink aims to convince users that their operations are authentic. The fraudsters may promise rewards for early investors. In a common tactic, they might offer special promotions or bonuses for those who deposit large amounts. This is a technique to attract people to invest more. Victims often find withdrawals impossible or are met with numerous delays and excuses. By the time they realize something is wrong, the scammers have usually disappeared with the funds. This scam thrives on the perceived anonymity of the crypto world, plus lack of regulations, as well as the lack of knowledge of potential investors about how a genuine crypto exchange works.


Metapulse-securities.com was found to be conducting an investment scam. They lure people in by making grand promises of quick financial growth, only to disappear as soon as they receive the investment funds. A thorough search for reviews about the company turned up empty on all major consumer review platforms. Furthermore, the company’s social media footprint […]


The website Innovatexwelfare.com is operating a deceptive investment scheme. They tempt potential investors with the promise of significant returns but disappear after money has been invested. The absence of an official business name on their site raises eyebrows. The website is riddled with incomplete pages replete with default content and filler text. Their social media […]


Evaandsolo.com, a relatively new website at just 53 days old, operates an illegitimate store. The images presented on their site fail to accurately represent the products they claim to sell. Noticeably missing from their site is a contact number for customer service. Not only is their content unoriginal, but it also appears to be plagiarized […]


The website known as Sibyldick.com has been identified as perpetrating a fraudulent online store scheme. The website was fairly new at the time of discovery, having only been in operation for 55 days. A glaring red flag is the absence of a customer service phone number on the site. The content on the website is […]


Exitsignwarehouse.shop operates a fraudulent online store. The items advertised on this site are not only false but could also pose a risk due to the poor quality of materials used in their manufacture. The website lacks a customer service phone number, which is a significant red flag. Upon inspection, we found that the materials used […]

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