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Fake stores

Knifefixed.com, we’ve found, has been running a fraudulent online store. Our findings suggest that the operations are possibly based in China. The content on the website doesn’t seem original, with a strong resemblance to material on other similar sites. It was during the website’s infancy, just 91 days after its creation, that we uncovered the scam. The products offered by this online store are mere imitations and could be harmful due to substandard materials used in their production. We’ve also stumbled upon many incomplete pages on the website, filled with default content and placeholder text.

A fake store scam is essentially an online shopping site that pretends to sell legitimate goods. However these sites are designed to steal your money and personal information. They often sell counterfeit products, and sometimes don’t send anything at all. The products are usually priced very low to attract customers. These sites can be difficult to spot, as they often use professional-looking designs and stolen logos.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Recently registered
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No business address
No business name
No refund policy
No reviews
A fake store scam involves a con artist setting up a phony online store. Often, these stores mimic reputable sites or offer unbelievable deals to lure in unsuspecting consumers. These scams typically feature high demand items at significantly lower prices than other retailers. Scammers will often use sophisticated designs and layouts for their fake stores to mimic legitimate ones. They also use secure payment methods to gain the trust of the potential victim. In addition, they may employ tactics like limited time offers or low stock alerts to create urgency. This convinces people to make purchases quickly without doing proper research. Once a purchase is made, the scammer will either send a low-quality product, a completely different product, or nothing at all. Then, they disappear, leaving the consumer with lost money and no recourse. In the end, the consumer is left feeling duped and violated.


Reports have emerged about Thetoptfplatform.live being an investment scam. They promise substantial returns on your investments but, once you invest, they disappear with your money. Several unfinished pages on the website contain default content and placeholders, indicating a lack of professionalism. The company’s purported online partnerships are, in fact, made up. The graphics on the […]


Dewaltstores.com, a seemingly innocuous website, is actually operating a counterfeit store scam. The material on this website bears a striking resemblance to other similar sites, suggesting a possible case of content duplication. The products displayed on this site are not genuine, and their low-quality materials could potentially be hazardous. The images used on the site […]


Andriabarbone.shop is operating a deceptive business model. The images displayed on the website fail to accurately represent the products for sale. The goods offered are counterfeit and may pose a risk due to the inferior quality materials used in their production. The site lacks a customer service contact number. Numerous incomplete pages on the website […]


Ecos-trader.com, a website promising high returns on investments, has been identified as a fraudulent operation. Investors are enticed with the promise of significant profits, only for their deposited funds to be stolen by the scammers. The company has no visible reviews and the graphics on the site do not accurately represent the product being sold. […]


Bitrecoveryservice.com has been flagged as a fraudulent cryptocurrency operation. The suspicion arose when the website was merely 99 days into its existence. The site purports to function under a business name that doesn’t appear in the records of the state where it claims to be located. The address provided on the website doesn’t correspond to […]

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