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Crypto scams

Reports have surfaced about Jorgensentrade.com, a purported cryptocurrency exchange, engaging in fraudulent activities. The website, barely 78 days old at the time of these allegations, has been accused of being a scam. Oddly, there’s no customer service phone number listed on the site, raising red flags about its legitimacy. The reviews that appear on the website fail to reflect authenticity, leading many to question their origin.

The site entices potential investors with promises of high returns, however, once the investment is made, the funds seem to disappear into thin air. This has led to significant losses for many unsuspecting individuals. The partnerships the website claims to have with various online entities have also been debunked as false.

Furthermore, the business name fails to appear in the state business registry where it purports to be located. Its absence from social media platforms is another reason for concern, as most legitimate businesses maintain a social media presence. Major consumer review platforms don’t have any reviews for the company, which further casts doubt on its credibility.

A crypto exchange scam is a fraudulent scheme where a fake cryptocurrency exchange lures investors with the promise of significant returns. Once the unsuspecting investors put their money in, the scam artists disappear with the funds, leaving the investors high and dry.

Red Flags

Fake business name
Fake partnerships
Fake reviews
Recently registered

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No reviews
No social media
Crypto exchange scams are a type of fraud in the cryptocurrency world. Scammers create fake platforms, posing as legitimate crypto exchanges. They attract victims with promises of high returns or discounts on cryptocurrency purchases. These bogus platforms often have professional-looking websites and marketing materials. They use these to convince victims of their legitimacy and to encourage them to invest. Sophisticated tactics like bots mimicking human activity or displaying fake trading volumes are employed. Once a victim deposits their cryptocurrency into the fake exchange, the scammers disappear. The platform shuts down or the victim's account gets locked. The end result being, the victim loses their investment with no way to retrieve it. It's a cruel trick played on people eager to participate in the crypto market. It highlights the need for thorough research before investing in such platforms.


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