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Fake stores

Jandy-trade.com, a recently established website, is under suspicion for operating a fraudulent online store. The domain name, only 91 days old at the time of this report, is not associated with any social media platforms, raising concerns about its legitimacy. The content on the website is far from original, closely resembling that of other websites, further fueling suspicions. The customer service numbers provided are non-functional, and the company’s listed address is proven to be false.

A fake store scam involves a fraudulent website posing as a legitimate online store. These scams trick customers into purchasing non-existent products, often using copied content from genuine websites and providing false contact and location information.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Fake address
Phone disconnected
Recently registered

Missing Information

No business name
No reviews
No social media
A fake store scam is an unscrupulous act, where fraudsters create a bogus online store. They promise high-quality products at unbelievably low prices. High-end electronics or designer brands are often used to lure customers. These fake stores can appear incredibly legitimate. Complete with product descriptions, customer testimonials and secure payment options. Scammers often use professional images copied from genuine sites. Once payment is made for the goods, they never arrive. The store disappears from the internet, along with your money. It's a sophisticated form of online theft that leaves consumers hurt and out of pocket. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. They often are. Fake store scams, unfortunately are growing in prevalence, targeting unsuspecting shoppers in every corner of the world.


Mecuflipbits.com is operating a fraudulent investment scheme. They promise substantial returns on your investment, but once you transfer your funds, the fraudsters abscond with your money. A multitude of pages on their site are still being developed, filled with generic content and filler text. When the scam was discovered, the website was merely 96 days […]


Bitmond.org, we’ve found, is not running a legitimate investment operation, but rather, a scam. They entice potential investors with promises of substantial profits, yet once the funds are invested, the people behind the website disappear, taking the investors’ money with them. To further maintain the illusion of legitimacy, they list a fake business address on […]


Globalflextyips.com is operating a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange. They lure investors with the promise of substantial returns, but once the investment is made, the fraudsters abscond with the funds. A customer service phone number is conspicuously absent from their website. The business name they operate under is not officially registered with the state’s secretary, raising more […]


We have discovered that Excel-holdingsltd.com is operating as an investment scam. They promise attractive returns on your investment, but once you invest, the scammers disappear with your money. The website has several incomplete pages with generic content and placeholder text. The partnerships they claim on their site are completely made up. The images displayed on […]


People are raising alarms about Financegrowth.ltd, calling it a scam. You’d have a hard time finding them on any social media platform. They tell tall tales of partnerships that don’t exist. Even the images of the products they sell are nothing more than stock images. An investment scam is a deceptive operation in which individuals […]

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