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Fake stores

Jacksmorgan.com pulls a fake store scam on unsuspecting customers. This deceit was uncovered, only 28 days into the website’s existence. A customer service phone number is nowhere to be found on the site. The materials used on the website lack originality, they mirror other sites of similar nature. Images displayed for products fail to represent the actual items on sale. Uncompleted pages riddle the website, replete with placeholder text and default content.

Fake store scams involve a faux online shop that lures customers into buying non-existent goods. They take your money, but you never get your purchase or a refund. Often, these scam sites use copied images and descriptions from legitimate sellers.

Red Flags

Copycat content
Default content
Fake business name
Fake images
Fake promises
New website
Recently registered
Unfinished website
Unrealistic discounts

Missing Information

No phone numbers
A fake store scam is when a fraudster creates a fake online store. They then claim to sell products at significantly lower prices. These stores often advertise on social media platforms or through unsolicited emails. The goal is to trick you into providing your credit card information. In this scam, you won't receive the product you paid for. Even worse, your credit card information might get misused by the scammer. They could make unauthorized purchases or even sell your data on the dark web. To protect yourself from such scams, be skeptical of online stores that offer products at extremely low prices. Always research the store before making any purchase. Look for reviews and check if the store's contact information is legitimate. Never provide your credit card information unless you're sure the website is secure and reputable.


Bathonlinesale.com, a website that’s barely two months old, operates under a dubious guise. It’s suspected to be a false store scam, with no customer service contact number available. The website’s content seems to be a replica of other similar sites, stirring doubts about its authenticity. The products displayed on the site are depicted through images […]


Our investigation reveals that Casualbyxor.com is not a legitimate operation, but a scam. A closer look at the website’s data shows its content is not original, but copied from other similar websites. The so-called products listed on this online store are fake, and the low-quality materials used in their creation could potentially pose safety risks. […]


A website named Hobbiesman.com has been found to be operating a counterfeit shop swindle. Only 75 days old at the time of discovery, the site poses potential threats due to the poor-quality components used in the production process. The products showcased on the site are false, and the images do not accurately depict the items […]


Reports have come in about Thewalkingdeals.com, indicating that it may be involved in fraudulent activities. Social media platforms show no trace of this company, raising more suspicions about its legitimacy. The official business name is oddly missing from the website, another red flag. Numerous unfinished pages litter the website, brimming with default content and placeholder […]


Paritextrade.com has come under fire from users who claim it’s a front for a crypto exchange scam. Detected only 75 days after the website went live, the operation lacks basic customer support like a phone contact. The site promises huge returns on investments to lure people in. However, once individuals invest their money, the scammers […]

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