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Fake stores

Italian-lighting-center.shop is operating a deceptive scheme. Many of the pages on the website are still in the preliminary stages, filled with generic content and temporary entries. The images shown on this site do not truthfully represent the items being sold. A customer service phone number is absent from the site. The items listed on this site are not genuine and could pose risks due to the inferior materials used in their production.

A fake store scam involves the creation of a fraudulent online store, designed to deceive customers into purchasing non-existent or substandard products. The scammer typically uses a professional-looking website with attractive product images and prices to lure in unsuspecting buyers. The products are either never delivered or are of poor quality, and the scammer disappears, leaving the buyer with no recourse for a refund.

Red Flags

Fake images
Unfinished website

Missing Information

No phone numbers
No refund policy
No reviews
A fake store scam often involves the creation of a fraudulent online store. This faux shop looks real, offering popular goods at significant discounts. Electronics, designer clothing, even toys, are typical products presented. These prices can be irresistibly enticing to many consumers. Scammers behind these deceitful operations are skilled. They design professional looking websites, complete with customer reviews and detailed product descriptions. Often, they go as far as including false security badges to assure buyers. The scam unfolds after the unsuspecting buyer makes a purchase. Payments are taken immediately, but the goods never arrive. Or, in some instances, the product delivered is a cheap imitation of what was advertised. Victims of this scam are left with empty pockets, a poor product, or no product at all. They find out too late that the store's contact details are fake, making it impossible to get their money back. It's a cruel deception that leave many disheartened.


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Vaultrecoveries.net, a newly established website, is implicated in a cryptocurrency scam. Only 81 days old at the time of reporting, the site lacks a customer support phone number, which raises suspicion. Misleading information is a common characteristic of the site, including a non-existent business address. Furthermore, it purports to operate under a business name that […]


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Primalwearus.shop, a relatively new online storefront, is under scrutiny for questionable business practices. It has only been active for 30 days, and already reports of it being a fraudulent operation are circulating. The site lacks a critical component of trusted online businesses – a reachable customer service line. The site’s content authenticity is also raising […]


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